"Why is Caillou so whiny and annoying?" is a page where wikia contributors can post their ideas and complaints about why Caillou cries so much.


I think the reason why Caillou is so whiny and annoying is because outside his show, he secretly complains about not having any hair. He uses the thought of having no hair to retain his whininess on the show.

BTW, I think whoever made this article should have an article titled, "Why is Caillou bald?" I have an answer I think people would enjoy which I can only post on there.

FDMG, 4:34 P.M. Approx.

  • Catdog04272: But why would the actor of Caillou complain about not having hair? He's probably not bald.
  • SuperMalechi: He's such a whiny kid! I never liked him, and I always disliked him from the start.

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