Wiccan Fan Art

An art of Wiccan by the author.

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  • Real Name: Victor Maximoff
  • Age: 17
  • Alias': Sixth Sense and Wiccan
  • Powers: Can see and talk to spirits. Can call upon spirits to create supernatural phenomena

Main Article

Victor Maximoff was born to Wanda Maximoff and Vision. When he was 9 his power to see and talk to spirits emmerged. During this time he called himself Sixth Sense.

Unfinished Bussiness

After his father was destroyed by Ultron, Victor and Wanda traveled around the world. Along the way Victor helped spirits pass on into the next world. When the spirit of his father appeared, Victor was horrified to see how much pain it was in. Because Vision was half robot, half human his spirit was torn, unwhole. Victor soon discovered that he could now use supernatural energies released by spirits to create unnatural phenomena. When he was 11 he went to find Ultron. When he found him he immediately destroyed him, and everything within a 2 mile radius. With this "unfinished bussiness" now completed by his son, Vision's torn spirit was now whole, and he could now pass on.

Family Problems

Victor was 12 and a half when he went to train with the X-Men. He then took on the name Wiccan. While their he met Nephilim. The two quickly became friends...and more. Their time together was cut short when Victor had to leave to be with his grandfather, Magneto, who was days away from death. After Magneto's death a family feud broke out to decide who would get Magneto's inherritance. It was then decided that Victor would get it. Soon after, Victor had the entire House of M inheritance.

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