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  • Sonic the Hedgehog as Glinda
  • Buddy the Bellhop as Elphaba
  • Treona (my character) as Fiyero
  • NiGHTS as Nessarose
  • Mario as Doctor Dillamond
  • Meta Knight as the Wizard
  • Sheik as Madame Morrible
  • Jackle as Boq


  • No One Mourns the Wicked (SSBU Ver.)
  • Dear Old SSBU
  • The Knight and I
  • What Is This Feeling? (SSBU Ver.)
  • Something Bad (SSBU Ver.)
  • Dancing Through Life (SSBU Ver.)
  • Popular (SSBU Ver.)
  • I'm Not That Guy
  • One Short Day (SSBU Ver.)
  • Sentimental Girl
  • Defying Gravity (SSBU Ver.)
  • Thank Goodness (SSBU Ver.)
  • Wonderful (SSBU Ver.)
  • I'm Not That Guy (Reprise)
  • As Long As You're Mine (SSBU Ver.)
  • No Good Deed (SSBU Ver.)
  • March of the Sim Hunters
  • For Good (SSBU Ver.)
  • Finale "Wicked" (SSBU Ver.)

Trivia/Extra Info

  • SSBU is short for Super Smash Brothers Universe, and is my fangame
    • It can be found on the Super Smash Bros. Fanon Wiki
  • One of the reasons Buddy is Elphaba is because not alot of people remember him due to the fact that the MySims games are not as famous
  • Some guys were put in girl roles and vice versa
    • NiGHTS does not count because she is genderless (but I consider her a girl)
  • Buddy is slightly out of character due to his roll

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