Wickem was Mallard's driver who helped Steam Engine with his plan and drived him in the YouTube Thomas the Tank Engine parody special, The Rise of Steam, by cactus190706 from the YouTube. He then went off after Steam Engine was stopped by Spencer. His body was used for Sir Topham Hatt's cousin Marcus in The Christmas That May Never Come. It is unknown if Wickem and Steam Engine will appear in a special as ghosts. 


The Rise of Steam

He drived Mallard to Tidmouth Sheds after Sir Topham Hatt went to England with Edward and then he asked if she had a great day as controller. He also helped Diesel's driver Mr. Kennedy with coming out after Diesel got off the track then he did nothing to stop Mallard from pushing Diesel. Later, he planted bombs around Sodor and then he pressed the button to explode, but nothing happend and then he drived Steam Engine to help him with his plan leaving Mallard without no driver. He runned away from Steam Engine when he was stopped by Spencer. A few days later a policeman was on Sodor because Wickem was now the most wanted man on Sodor.  He hijacked Duncan and ran to a cliff to think about what to do when Skarloy and the policeman came after him.  The cop told him not to be stupid when he tried to escape by jumping off a cliff.  When the cop said he could choose to either go the the jail house or a metal house he agrreed to come over ,but fell off the tree to his death.  It was so that he commited suicide to prevent being arrested.  Thomas later felt sorry for his death dispite the big crime he commited. 

The Christmas That May Never Come

He was mentioned by Diesel but not by name and Diesel told the railway inspector Bernard Jenkins that Mallard had him as driver and told him he planted bombs around the island.



  • Birth: Unknown 
  • Died: May 27, 2011
  • Goal: Destroy Sodor
  • Appearance: Grey hat, green jacket, brown shoes, brown hair, blue pants
  • Goal: Destroy Sodor
  • Allies: Mallard (formerly), Steam Engine (formerly), Bittern (formerly), Emily (briefly)
  • Enemies:  Sir Topham Hatt, Steam Engine,(When he gets captured by Spencer)  Mallard, (When she becomes good and feels sorry for her actions)  Thomas, Henry, Gordon, James, Bittern, South Union of Africa, Sir Nigel Gresly, Diesel, Arry, Bert, Oliver, Emily, Bill, Ben, Duncan, Skarloey, The Cop
  • Fate: Falls off a square tree on the Skarloey Railway and then it broke and he fell off and died
  • Job: Mallard's driver (briefly), Steam Engine's driver (briefly)
  • Likes: Telling jokes
  • Dislikes: Being stoped by the cops

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