Oh my!'

Scat's horror at making the fish fly

Widget's Car Chase is an episode of the eleventh season


Widget receives the job of taking Jerry's new car

to the Wuzzleberg show. Earl also gets the job of taking the

band to the show and thinks he and Widget should have

a race. Earl manages to start and Widget is not

being patient, and as soon as she does, she accidentally

forgets to have the cart hitched to her; ergo, the cart

rolls down Earl's Mountain. Widget runs after it, but she

is unable to stop it from scaring Scat or splashing Buggy

with mud. After that, the cart bangs into something and

the car falls in a stack of hay. As soon as Widget meets

with Earl again, she asks him to fetch Rock to lift the

car back onto the cart and in return, she gives him

the car to deliver.

Characters Widget Rusty (cameo) Earl Scat Walden (cameo) Stap (cameo) Coleberg (cameo) Band (cameo) Buggy Jerry Huggy Mayor Woozle (cameo) Al (cameo) Miffy (cameo) Jerry's Girlfriend (does not speak) Rock Trot (cameo)

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