Those carts have to learn some manners!


Widget and the Big Crane retitled Widget to the Rescue, is an episode of the first season.


Widget finds the big crane and learns

why it is used. Suddenly, Walden has an incident

with carts and Widget has to take the big

crane to save him. Jerry is so

proud, he rewards Widget with

new track.




Walden (debut)


Daizy (does not speak)

Robin (does not speak)

Mr. Toolbelt (does not speak, debut)



Resting Home

Big Station

The Hill


The big crane didn't have the coach attached to it.

Widget's mouth isn't open when she has water.

In a picture of Walden, a rod created the sparks.

Ropes are used with the cranes to pull Walden off the ground.

A cart is pushed as Walden and Widget were gone, but Widget was

the only one working after Walden's incident.

When Widget and Walden are back at the yards, the feet moving

noise continues after they stop.


Title Card Stock Footage Stock Footage

Widget and Jerry

Deleted Scene Deleted Scence Robin and Widget at the Big Station

The coach Widget

Widget's mover Stock Footage

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