This is one of the simplest designs, no care was taken to increase the life span of the leds, save energy nor anythign else

Soldering can be dangerous, do it on your own risk, also playing with AC outlets can also be dangerous, I take no responsibilites over any damages or injuries you may sufer directly or indirectly from followign this instructions (this include damaging your leds, wiimotes etc...)


  • 1 to 4 infra-red leds (number depends on your use, for most cases 2 will be enough)
  • Small gauge electric wire
  • Soldering iron and solder, or isolating eletrical tape , or a "breadbox" (that grill like board you stick electric and electronic components on the holes to connect one to the other)
  • Battery holder for wireless use or some way to conecte the circuit to an AC adaptor of the correct voltage (like a plug, or even just open wires connected to the AC adaptor (DO NOT CONNECT YOUR STUFF DIRECTLY ON THE AC OUTLET IT WILL NOT JUST DAMAGE YOUR STUFF BUT CAN BE DEADLY!)
  • Material to hold the leds and stuff in place (I myself made a small structure out of cardbox paper)

Building it:

  • put the leds in position and measure how much wire it will take to connect them in series (each leg connected to just one other led or to the battery
  • cut a bit more wire than you measure for each piece (so in case you miscalulated or went too far when exposing the wires you will still have enough length to work with)
  • to calculate the voltage required for this simply add the voltages of the leds used, so if for instance you used 4 leds each being of 1.5 volts you will need about 6 volts, if you are using batteries, just add toghether their voltages to see if they match your needs
  • wire the leds in series, by connecting each led shorter leg to the longer leg of the next led with the wires, leaving the end and the begin of the chain not connected to any leds, with batteries in the battery holder (or with the ac adaptor plugged in) and test the wires on the tips of the chain with a webcam, digital camera or cameraphone pointing at the leds, if they don't seem to light up one way try inverting the wires, once you know which wire goes where finish soldering/tapping/sticking them in place
  • now glue, stick, tape or whatever your leds and stuff on the structure you build ( or simply to the tv or computer monitor)

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