A WikiBotian is a resident of the realm of WikiBotia, hence the name "WikiBotian."


WikiBotians used to belong to numerous different tribes in cyberspace. However, when WikiBot arrived, the tribes were banded together, and all citizens became known as WikiBotians.

Opinions toward WikiBot

Generally, there are three "ranks" of WikiBotians (though not everyone belongs to a rank).

  • WikiBot Fans: WikiBot Fans are for the most part conservative supporters of WikiBot. They approve of all of WikiBot's actions, laws, etc. A majority of WikiBotians are WikiBot fans.
  • WikiBot Questioners: WikiBot Questioners are skeptical about WikiBot's actions, laws, etc., although they are not outright disapproving them. They make up a small percentage of WikiBotians.
  • WikiBot Critics: WikiBot Critics do not approve of WikiBot's actions. Conservative WikiBot Critics are often called "Radicals." WikiBot Critics only make up a tiny percent of WikiBotians.

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