Mr. Happy Face

In this short horror by Jason Steele, a boy (Timmy) is watching a kids’ show on a stormy night. A bolt of lightning appears to hit the satellite dish, and shocks Mr. Happy Face (the cheery character in the show) into the living room of the little boy. Soon Timmy realizes this is not a good thing, when he suddenly finds himself being chased by Mr. Happy Face, who has a bloody knife in his hand.

YouTube Video Description Video and description posted by SecretAgentBob Timmy gets a surprise visit! A video I made a few years ago that was popular on Newgrounds. Thought it might have an audience here on YouTube! WARNING: Not for people who are particularly attached to dogs or children. Well, dogs. Everyone gets angry about the dog, no one ever complains about the kid.

File:Mr. Happy Face

Mr. Happy Face Script

(The video opens to a scene on a TV, on which a cheery kids’ show Mr. Happy Face is playing.) Mr. Happy Face: Lalalalala…I love everyone! Yay! (The shot has zoomed out to reveal that a rain storm is occurring outside the window. Mr. Happy Face is singing “lalalalala…” in the background, and the scene cuts to a boy [Timmy] standing and watching the show.) (We see the outside of the house, and suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes the satellite dish. Back inside the house, Mr. Happy Face jumps out of the TV screen. Timmy is frightened.) Mr. Happy Face: Hello, Timmy! I’m Mr. Happy Face! Timmy: Are you gonna be my new friend? Mr. Happy Face: (pulls out knife) I’m gonna cut your throat open and use your blood as syrup on my pancakes! Yay! (Timmy runs. Mr. Happy Face follows.) Mr. Happy Face: Don’t run, Timmy! I wanna cut off all your skin! Timmy: (running) Aah! Aah! Aah, ah, aah! (Mr. Happy Face continues to follow and runs into a barking dog.) Mr. Happy Face: Oh, Timmy! It’s your dog! Hmmm…I wonder what’s inside your dog, Timmy! (raises knife) Hmm!

(Mr. Happy Face starts stabbing the dog and you see blood flying everywhere.) Mr. Happy Face: (still slicing dog) Mmm! Organs! Look, Timmy! I’m cutting apart your dog! Mmm! Look at all these organs! They’re so slippery, Timmy! Mmm, yes! (an organ flies across the screen) Look at all your dog’s slippery organs, Timmy! Mmm! (Timmy is hiding behind a wall at the end of the hallway. Suddenly Mr. Happy Face appears.) Timmy: AAAH! Mr. Happy Face: I’m gonna slice off your face, Timmy! (Mr. Happy Face pins Timmy down and starts stabbing him with the knife.) Mr. Happy Face: (Timmy is screaming) Mmm! I’m cutting you, Timmy! Mmm! You’re so soft! Look how easily my knife is cutting you, Timmy! Mmm. Your blood is so sweet, Timmy! Mmm! Taste your blood, Timmy! Mmm! (really creepy smile)

--Toxicemonailpolish 23:56, 25 March 2009 (UTC)

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