The Wiki Assessing Corporation was started on 16th March, 2000 by Sean Reedy and Rory Giles. The WAC assesses five aspects of a wiki, and marks it our of 5. These aspects are:

Star Useful and appropriate information
Star Organisation, spelling and grammar
Star Regular and varied edits
Star Attitude towards spam
Star Number of pages

The WAC will award a minimum of one star to any wiki, regardless of its content. The maximum five stars will be awarded if the above five things are achieved, and the members of The WAC all agree that the wiki in question has been treated well, and has served its purpose extremely well.


The headquarters of The WAC

The headquarters of the Wiki Assessing Corporation are situated in London, England. The bottom floor of the building is the reception, while on the top floor is the meeting rooms and higher level employee offices. All the floors in the middle are offices, break rooms, canteens, toilets or meeting rooms.

To join the WAC, you must first complete the Wiki Assessment Test, and be interviewed by one of the two founders of the WAC. If you pass both the test and the interview, you will be put on the Trainee Wiki Assessment Team, and will be able to evaluate level 1 & 2 wikis to see if they have been upgraded to deserve another star.

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