Welcome to a testbed where we'll brainstorm requirements for Courtyard's Knowledge Management Platform

Proposed Configuration

  1. A Portal
  2. A Wiki
  3. A Search Engine

What features should Courtyard seek in a Wiki?

Must Have:

  • Usability Statistics down to the user level
  • User authentication
  • External Access (so we can share pages with clients)
  • Ability to host at Courtyard (rather than paying someone else hosting fees)
  • A large and vibrant developer community (so we'll have access to new plug-ins)
  • Ability to add a page by sending an e-mail
  • Ability to host images and attachements
  • Page-level access permissions
  • Change-notification by email
  • Automatic Table of Contents
  • Wikified and Non-Wikified links

Nice to Have:

  • a What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) AND a text-based editor (the text based editors tend to facilitate faster, mouseless, data entry)
  • Windows authentication (so you don't have to login to the system if you've already logged into your Courtyard machine).

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