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Wikipitaka is an attempt to compile and complete an English translation of the Tipitaka, the Buddhist sacred scripture, and its commentaries in order to enable complete features of online text: searching, browsing, linking, instant editing as well as looking up terms in an online dictionary.

Our Goal

Our goal is to unify a standardized English translation of the Tipitaka. Also, along side with the Tipitaka, we would like to aggregate every aspect of the text: significances, commentaries, and interpretations.

Because there is no online, complete English translation of the Tipitaka, and it is quite a shame for a World Religion like Buddhism not to have one, it is important to compile and complete this online version as soon as possible!

Why Wikipitaka?

Wikipitaka offers another dimension of Buddhist study. With searching tool, one can easily find a passage in the massive Tipitaka in a second. Also, in reading the text, one can find a link to the "Encyclopedia of Buddhism"(only accessible to Stanford students) which will help readers with the understanding of some Pali terminologies used in the translation.

The expansive characteristic of Wikipitaka will create an extensive tool to study Buddhism at every level and for every purpose.

Join Us!

The Buddha said:

            A gift of Dhamma conquers all gifts.
                                    Dhammapada XXIV, 354

Help us carry out this great mission, giving this great gift to the world, by sharing the profound Dhamma of the Buddha.

This is the excellent chance to make some Great Karma. By reading and sharing your insight with us, you have accumulated the perfection of wisdom (panna paramitta), for yourself as well as for the world.

How to Help "Completing the Tipitaka"

Simply pickup your Tipitaka or any of the scriptures at hand and translate! You may help us transcribe some translations that available in hardcopy, with proper citation, if you do not want to translate them yourself.

Today's Featured Passage


Dhammapada is one of the most loved and the most cited passages in the Tipitaka. It contains many short sayings of the Buddha. Many mottos of many Buddhist schools in Thailand are from Dhammapada.

Passages in Need...

Passages in Dhammapada

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