Wikischool-primary is a little initiative to build a virtual primary school. This primary school is different because we can insert every kind of subject. I've started italian wikiversity in 2004 , but in wikia i've found more freedom than in wikimedia sites. My dream is the wikischool , an omnicomprehensive wiki or group of wikis for teachers' and students, from primary to university and post-lauream.


Add here your nick and something about you (teacher/student/other, an opinion...)


We can make a spoken version of this site for disabled people.


This site is written in english, but it is possible creating courses in other versions.

Here some links:

  • Italian version

Things you must know

  • Obviously , be simple !
  • make a good use of images and

other multimedial contents;

  • enjoy!
  • send an opinion ,suggests etc.


Wikischool-primary is divided into five years, from 6 to 10.

A-level subjects

A-level subject must be studied,without exceptions.

Calculus, fractions...

B-level subjects

B-level subjects can be freely chosen.

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