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Welcome to Wikistudies!

The mission of Wikistudies is to foster academic research on historical, technical and cultural studies of Wikipedia, other wiki projects, and their communities.

Wikistudies is open to all scholars, independent researchers, journalists, wiki professionals, and other people interested in the serious study of Wikipedia and wiki phenomena.

Not: Wikistudies is not a site for work against (or on behalf of) Wikipedia, or other wikis, that promotes commercial or personal agendas. Personal diatribes, parodies, gossip, and other essays may be a valid object of study, but the writing of such literature is not part of the Wikistudies mission. For more information, see the article on wiki-related literature.

Wikistudies is inspired by the increasing academic attention paid to Wikipedia, both as an information source and as a site of study. To date, academic research is focusing on technical aspects of Wikipedia, its use in educational settings, and the study of its user community. The founder of Wikistudies is a scholar who straddles social scientific and cultural studies.

Wikistudies hosts collaborative research under development, summaries or copies of completed wiki studies, key documents, a bibliography of wiki-related scholarship, and web-related resources to support academic research on wikis.

Wikistudies operates under the GFDL content license and uses MediaWiki software engine. For this reason, any key documents, images or published studies that are not GFDL available may be (1) summarized on Wikistudies and (2) made accessible through Internet links from here. It is recommended that scholars familiarize themselves with content licensing before writings texts on Wikistudies that are intended for publication in copyrighted academic journals.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of scholarship on Wikipedia, research on wikistudies is organized by multiple categories (tags).

Thank you for your interest.

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