• Martin as Young Kong
  • Aidan as Young Rex
  • Kenny as Adult Kong
  • Chris as Adult Rex
  • Aviva as Young Tina
  • Koki as Adult Tina
  • Stomp as Chander
  • Zippy as John the Triceratops
  • Jimmy Z as Dummy the Styracosaurus
  • Young Beaver as Young Soara
  • Peregrine Falcon as Adult Soara
  • Blur as Nessie
  • Poby's Mom as Mother Pachycepalosaurus
  • Boy 1 and Boy 2 as 2 Stegosaurus
  • Mama Croc as Rexy (Rex's Mother)
  • Gourmond as Yeti
  • Great White Shark as Megalodon
  • Zach as Chiros
  • Bee Swarm amd Zach Bots as Velociraptors and Mummies
  • African Elephant as Gigantophis
  • Dr. TwoBrains (from Wordgirl) as Seth
  • Tiger Shark as The Chinese Dragon

and more

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