Wildcat Is A Mean Little Witch Engine From Adventures On Sodor Movies: The Battle Of The Evil Twin & The Wrath Of The Vampire Engine. She Was Plotting To Turn The Sodor Engines Against Wendy, The Good Little Witch Engine, So She will Also Turn Casper,The Friendly Ghost Engine Against Wendy. So She Disguise Herself As Wendy Which Is A Mean Version Bullies The Steamies. At The End, Hiro & Thomas Cought Wildcat & Use Gasoline (Because it Would Kill Her) Ruins Her Plans By Thatch, The Vampire Engine, Wendy & Casper & At The The Gasoline Destroyed Wildcat To Her Death. At The End Of The World Of Darkness, Wildcat Now Joining Forces With Judge Judy The Diesel (Who Is Now A Ghost) Plotting To Get Revenge On The Sodor Engines.

Allies: Tough Ghost (Formerly), Judge Judy The Diesel, The Ghostly Trio Diesels, Ali Boo Boo, Kibosh, The Evil Ghost Engine

Enimies: Wendy, Sodor Engines, Casper, Thatch, Lady, Proteus, Hiro, Ruby, Max, Oliver, Thomas, Toby, Snivel, Tough Ghost (Now Called Mighty Ghost),

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