Pre Author Fighter

Like most Author Fighters, Wildrook is from another dimension, but the world he grew up in was that of a real-world setting...until on December 21, 2012, it was destroyed by an unexpected attack by beings known as Devil Heartless. After the Apocalyptic event, he found himself on a journey to make sure what happened to his home planet didn't happen to others, and he went to Hell and back to stop it from happening...once.

However, at his former home base, the PIT, they were attacked by Fanbeings, which were actual people remade from the debris of the World of Origin, and he found himself in the Author Fighter's world in the streets of New York City. Unfortunately, he wasn't alone. The Fanbeings, as well as other enemies from his dimension, had followed him. Since then, after hearing about the location of the Author Fighter HQ, he set off towards it, hoping that nothing would stand in his way.

Kamen Rider Tournament

Unfortunately, due to Arthanos and Wandrex (the Two Souls that are bonded to his being) in his system, he was able to sense an approaching darkness. What caused him to actually track it down was an Exodia Necross disguised as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (which even freaked out Wandrex) heading towards the source. Along the way, he had engaged it in a makeshift Turbo Duel, and had actually contacted Seiyaryu through it. Through the effects of Graceful Charity and Heart of the Underdog, he was somehow able to draw the Eye of Timaeus and fused it with Seiyaryu in order to form the Holy Twin Dragon and used the special ability to activate Soul Release from the deck, grabbing the five pieces of Exodia sacrificed to make it appear. After the encounter, all four dragons managed to get him to the Spa Area, where he was immediately detected by Taiga, also known as Kamen Rider Saga. Before the confrontation could escalate, their memories were erased by Bishop, who was Taiga's subordinate.

Wedged Between a Rock and a Hard Place

While the other Author Fighters were recovering from the memory loss, Wildrook found himself tied up in a cell with Arthanos and Wandrex wondering how they got in there in the first place. In a small fit of stupidity, he managed to get himself hooked onto the ceiling, and unintentionally got himself loose while falling flat on his face. After situating himself, he fell down a hidden pit and went within a nearby pool, which contained a Feraligatr. Through sheer idiocy, water-walking, and a quote from Strong Bad, he ended up in the break room (with Darkmagicianmon and Roscoso engaged in a conversation) and managed to make a "bad first impression."

Around that time, he managed to end up in the "Hall of Running Gags" to retrieve his gear, but managed to completely foul up when he heard a female scream. Unfortunately, he got attacked and was locked in a freezer with a faulty door for being "an annoyance" and "not worth killing." Through complete coincidence, they had managed to overhear something about the KingStone and try to stop it from falling in the hands of evil. Unfortunately, they were defeated by Max Bishop, who was a demonic shapeshifting assassin hired by Damien Marshall, after he succeeded in distracting him. Luckily, he was saved by a mysterious figure who banished Max into another dimension.

Learning to Trust

After Arthanos's mental training, he woke up in the Hospital Room, still badly burnt from the battle he had with Max earlier. It was during the battle between most of the Kamen Riders and DaiShocker (an alternate version of DestinyZX) that he realized what made him weak was the inability to trust anyone outside his original circle. Limping, he had ended up meeting the others after the battle, and after giving Jose words of advice, he introduced himself in a rather...hasty introduction.

The next day, Arthanos had sensed a burst of Dark Energy, which led him to see the confrontation between Taiga, Hikari Ino, and Jack of Blades (X Prodigy's Darkside). However, his instinct told him to "Use the Tangelos," or rather, "the Blades of Triumph," after summoning Diablos (his Houndoom) to warn the others about his arrival, knowing that some of the others in Castle Dorian were Pokemorphs.

What was intended to be a distraction ended up being his first battle when Hikari disappeared and DarkMagicianmon looking for her. After using Critias's ability to activate Trap Cards from his deck, he (in the Lord of the Red Armor), had managed to hit Jack where it hurts (the stab wound from his match with DarkMagicianmon the night before), causing him to retreat. After the battle, he introduced Arthanos and Wandrex to the others, fully trusting them.

However, sometime during the three-way-fight between DiEnd, Shadow, and Brian, Wildrook's other teammate from the Persona Task Force, Trisha, had appeared. After having two run-ins with Chansey Pokemorphs, he had burst out of the Med-Room and explained to her the situation. Unfortunately, their reunion was cut short when his danger sense hit that night.

Rebirth of Kamen Rider Black RX

Wildrook and Trisha, after frantically searching the room for the KingStone, were knocked out by Crimson and (for the second time for him) were locked in a freezer. What was different from the last one he was in was that it was actually filled with freeze-dried dead bodies. Luckily, Kivat was in the area and he managed to get them both out, but afterward, Ross and Jolt were seen to have been through hell and back.

During the attack against Gaia, he was pissed that Jolt was almost killed by Crimson. In his rage, he had unconsciously accessed the KingStone and gained the form of Kamen Rider Black RX. Because of it, he understood why Crimson was after the KingStone and (with Trisha's discovery) could access Acrobatter and Ridron. After a brief scuffle with Crimson, he and Acrobatter, alongside Ross, had managed to battle against Gaia's 2nd form with Rook accessing Roborider in the process, destroying one hand.

After falling into the water and almost being crushed, both Rook and Acrobatter had transformed into Biorider and Mach Jabba to escape. After finding out that Ross couldn't destroy it, Rook had used RX's saber, Revolance, to deal the final blow.

After returning with Ridron (Acrobatter was back in Castle Dorian), he had met the Dialga Pokemorph, Justin, and found out that during the week he had arrived, there were anomalies that happened. Justin, due to the rules of time and space, couldn't explain what they were, so they had to find out for themselves. However, he DID manage to watch old videos of when Ross and DarkMagicianmon were enemies.

The Almighty Bunghole

Unfortunately, even with the power of Black RX, GAIA was not easily destroyed. He did not get involved in the battle because he was having internal problems of his own: Because of a dark energy fluxuation and the death of someone close to the Author Fighters (Hikari, Ross, and Airnaruto in particular), Wandrex had assumed the mantle of the Great Cornholio and took over Wildrook's body in the process. Because of it, he had raided someone's sweet stash, drank some coffee, and managed to clone himself through one of the Prank Doors Ramon set in Castle Dorian.

After regaining control, he decided to follow most of the other Author Fighters to find the Seven Life Auras. However, he's also the only one to sense Ross leaving. Around that time, Wandrex had assumed a solid form, STILL in the Cornholio phase.

Countdown before Launch

While Rook was restraining Wandrex (with help from Marissa, Ross's fiancee, and Trisha), they had stuffed him in a supply closet in order to make sure the Halberd didn't get damaged before launch. While trying to neutralize the effect, Rook could sense Ross's battle against Gloom by his Danger Sense showing either Jackie Gleason or Peter Griffin yelling "POW, RIGHT IN THE KISSER" ending with Lois Griffin yelling "WHO'S PICKLE IS THIS" to show that he lost.

After a small talk between himself, Airnaruto, and DarkMagicianmon, he then met up with Ross who was about to leave the Halberd in order to find the Life Auras. Because he was under the conclusion that whatever affected Ross did the same thing to Hikari, Rook didn't interfere in the fight. During the training session Arthanos used to get him situated for space travel, the Danger Sense had changed it to Ross's different locations (he had managed to find himself in the Hoth Asteroid Belt picking off TIE Fighters in the mind. To add the similarities between Ross and Shadow's stories, Rook found himself fighting Black Doom) and woke up in time for the Halberd to launch. Wandrex had settled down after seeing Jolt shock Kirby and Rook (Kirby was mostly unaffected). With that, they had launched into space, not knowing that they were being followed by Ross and another mysterious figure.

Super Robot Wars and Red vs others

During the trip, many things had happened: The Chansey Pokemorph that Rook ran into (named Lilly) and Wandrex hooked up, Havik was destroyed by Jose and Airnaruto, and Hikari had disappeared. Numbers two and three were explained through the Danger Sense and even WITH Blueso making an appearance, he was unaffected because of the fact that DarkMagicianmon would probably go postal when it happened. Jolt and Blueso had informed Marissa, who told DM after landing on a nearby planet. Unknown to anyone, however, she was already in the ship.

Around the same time, Rook was tied and gagged because it was his turn to go Cornholio. While guarding them, Wandrex attempted to call HQ only to get the extra-long machine from Red vs Blue. Because of that, however, the message box was already full, and Rook actually fell out of the spaz moment.

Luckily, he had managed to find two presences. One of them was Ross (who had also found a Life Aura) while the other was hostile. Wandrex had noticed the other presence, but Rook had answered the call to the J-Ark and managed to get Ross to stay (he really couldn't put the final word in, and Hikari found DM first). Unfortunately, they were under attack by the Death Army (along with endless amounts of Grunt Suits from different mecha anime and several Glorft warbots). To retaliate, Kiva had led the three of them to the hangar, revealing endless amounts of Giant Robots. Wandrex chose Sandrock, Trisha bonded with Rising Gundam, and Rook (through a freaky coincidence) had found Wing Zero.

Midway through the battle, after Wandrex heard a strange latin-polka mix of music, they weren't exactly thrilled to see Sarge (RVB) piloting Nightingale, but they were lucky that he wasn't used to the sights on the thing.

Within the battlefield, they had met the others from Blood Gulch (Church, Tucker, Caboose, Simmons, Grif, Donut, Doc, Tex, Lopez, Shiela, Andy, Kakarina, Delta, and Wash) and fought alongside them, but O'Malley and the META had made an appearance piloting Devil Gundam. Rook, however, was sucker punched by Walter Gundam and Dimentio (the latter Rook, Trisha, and Wandrex know personally). Grand Gundam (piloted by Gary/Gamma), Gundam Heaven's Sword (piloted by Gendo Ikari, much to Rook's anger), and Master Gundam (piloted by Master Asia) had made their appearance afterward. When the Death Army attacked, Rook had unconsciously tapped into the Zero System (which made him re-enact the incident in Sidewinder with the Death Army) but was stopped when they ganged up on him.

After Wash and Ross saved his butt, Trisha guarded the Halberd while Rook fought Gendo, Wandrex fought Gary, Wash lost against Master Asia, and Ross fought Wyoming. The Zero pilot had managed to use Caboose's team-killing tendency to take advantage of the DG Cells in his system, but the Reds had managed to shoot him down because they thought he was a Blue.

Unfortunately, the battle was cut short when a man known as Shu Shirakawa had graced their presence. Because Rook knew Ross didn't stand a chance on his own, he told Wandrex to look the guy up while he provided a distraction with Zero's Buster Rifle. Before the opponent could send it right back, Ross had activated King J-Der and saved his butt. Shu then left with O'Malley's troupe, leaving Ross to take care of the rest of the Death Army.

Sometime after bringing the Reds and Blues in, Rook had called in some old friends of his...including the woman with the armor-piercing sniper rifle...and had managed to meet Tomoro (the J-Ark's personal AI) in the process.

Close Encounters of the First Kind

It wasn't until the incident with the Tentacle Beasts that he actually felt like more of a team player. Down in a jungle planet, he, Ross, Wandrex, Church, and Tucker were having a bad time with a bunch of Tentacle Robots led by Einst Alchemie and the Personlichekit, both of which were supposed to be gone forever. Before they could give her the final blow, O'Malley had shown up and revealed that the Life Aura they were looking for was within her being. At that point, they had hesitated, Ross believing that they should get the Life Aura, Kiva (who had arrived before the battle) didn't want to kill a ten-year old, and Rook thought that the soul needed to be put to rest (with hatred towards O'Malley for disturbing eternal slumber). It was through that disagreement that Ross, Marissa, Scarlet, Caliburn, Omega, and the still-sleeping Renais had left the Author Fighters...and Rook angry at O'Malley for causing the rift to happen. Unfortunately, what he sensed would test his friendship and bonds with the others.

During the same night, he and Wandrex were visited by the essence of the King of Hearts, Domon Kasshu. After a meeting of future plans and discussion of the future Shuffle Alliance (composed of old friends in his past adventures), both he and his Nobody became the first Gemini King of Hearts (well, it's only one since Wandrex "didn't exist."), and after waking up, found themselves with different versions of the crest itself. After running into Simon, they then exchanged description of dream-messages (Simon was visited by Kamina). Sometime later, the group on the Halberd were in a VR training session in an Asteroid Field. Because of a collision, the level was up to twenty (meaning 'OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, WE'RE GOING TO DIE!') and the system was set so that they would have to win to get out (which would make a bloodbath that mixes elements of Evangelion and Bokurano, as Jolt put it as). The odd part was, Rook was mimicking Leonidas from 300 unintentionally, and he was up against a simulated version of Master Asia, who had revealed that the Dark Army was actually INSIDE the database. With that in mind, he, Wandrex, and Trisha attempted a three-pronged Sekiha Tenkyoken, only for it to partly hit him before the simulation shut itself off, signifying that something happened to divert their attention. Because of his habit of making Chaos Theories, he thinks that Ross will return...only with another identity.


When the J-Ark returned alongside the Halberd, Rook was concerned about how their crew reacting to Ross's Disappearance. Unfortunately, he, Wandrex, and Trisha got separated and got abducted by Mermaids, who wanted to get males for breeding. Because of that, not only did the Somebody/Nobody duo find the others, but Tyler as well, and they learned that he and Morrigan, one of their other friends, had arrived after the incident at the PIT. While fearing that he and Tyler were going to go through the same notion as the Kirk vs Spock battle, he had accidentally muttered that because of the Life Aura in the Queen's possession, she had cheated. To stall for more time, he asked how their species reproduced, ending with RyuTaros's "I don't hear an answer" quote. Unfortunately, because of the Mate factor (except for Tucker) the Mermaid Queen had turned into an Ice Titan.


Wildrook himself

Before meeting the Author Fighters, he was a member of the Persona Task Force, which was an organization that dedicates itself to eradicating Fanbeings and protecting the World Order. After the incident with the Dimensional Gate, he became more reclusive and unwilling to even give his real name to others, wanting to find a way home.

After actually understanding why the Author Fighters were heroes, he opened up more after giving Jose a small pep talk about choosing their own destiny.

On either side, he's a bit of a goof and sometimes goes into idiotic fits. Other than that, he's loyal and wishes to protect his allies from not only his old enemies, but theirs as well.

His VA is Frank Frankson.

Arthanos the Chaos Mage

Some say he's a myth. Others say he's a heretic. However, to those who actually knew him, he's the wise man type who's curious about how things work in the present.

When working with Wildrook, he's the guy who helps make the Duel Monsters more than holograms. The indication for the change is that Wildrook's eyes turn ice blue in a similar manner to that of Jaden Yuki's (influenced by Yubel).

His VA is Dan Green.

Wandrex the Digital Thief

Despite the name, he's not part of Organization XIII. Sometime during Wildrook's second world, he had an encounter with a Youma that extracted his heart for a few seconds before revival. At one point, he lead a team of once-dead people known as the Death Pirates, but around the time of his disappearance, he and Wildrook fought for dominance, with the Nobody losing.

His facial appearance is actually Wildrook's own, only the goatee is brown and the hair is red. He's also an excellent hacker, hence the name "Digital Thief." However, during extensive amounts of boredom, he's either acting like Dr. Weird or finding a way to beat Arthanos in Chess through idiotic methods.

His Sentai powers happen to be that of AbareBlack's own.

His VA is Steven Jay Blum.

Trisha Diane Parker

A kitsune that's over 500 years old, Trisha first met Rook when she was ordered to monitor any strange activity that was brewing two months before the World of Origin blew up. Since then, they've been together.

She made her first appearance during the Kamen Rider Tournament arc when Jolt and Rook mentioned that he had a girlfriend. She has yet to show any sign of anger towards Ross, but she DOES want to learn a few pranks from the Deoxys Pokemorph.

In an ironic twist to Rook's Kiba Changer, Trisha had gained the powers of ZyuDactyl. At least until she gained motherhood, in which she passed the torch to Yoko from Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Her VA is Wendee Lee.

The Great Cornholio

Basically, a persona that's different from his namesake by activation: Through extreme amounts of sugar and a gigantic dark energy. He also attacks those who actually attack him, unlike the other one, who means no harm. The personality can be activated through either Rook or Wandrex, considering that they're the same person.

His VA is Mike Judge, who owns the character himself.

Tyler Mathers

The braniac of the Persona Task force and the pervert. Despite being the least powerful of the group, he makes up for it with technological prowess. What's ironic is that he spends more time in the lab than the battlefield. However, when he's called, he brings his stuff out.

His Sentai form is that of DekaBreak's. It was misinterpreted as DekaBright at one point. His Rider form, however, is the Kaixa System from Smart Brain.

His VA is Eric Stuart.

Travis Teran

The leader of the Persona Task Force AND an incubus whose age would trigger a Scouter joke. After meeting up with Rook when they were up against Panther and Leo (Kamen Rider Psyga), Travis wished to form an alliance with DarkMagicianmon in order to bring peace throughout the dimensions.

His Sentai form is that of Big Shot's, or Joker. Hence, why the Joker from Gotham wants him dead. It's also revealed that he was cursed into immortality because he crossed paths with the Cullens' Ancestors, hence he's considered a GOD among Twilight Haters. Literally.

He shares the same VA as Arthanos.

Unaligned Plague

Rook's younger brother, and one of the few that's immune to mind control after facing Gravemind. Before Plague was found, he was sent alongside Master Chief to finish the fight. Now, he's basically trying to keep his older brother out of trouble. Although it was a stretch, he thought Agent Liberi was someone he knew from High School...

His Sentai form is that of OhRed's while he also uses the Delta System from Smart Brain.  Oddly enough, he's also the Chameleon Orphnoch due to a near-death on a mission...

His VA is Eric Lloyd's.

Rage the Homonuculus

In a process started by Damien, Rage was an attempt to get Wildrook to surrender. Unfortunately, he turned against his master and seeks to have a little fun. His powers involve a minor Devil extension, but he usually relies on other powers to get through. Dimensionally, he can bypass anything without being caught by Rook's Danger Sense, which is one of the first to actually do so.

His Kamen Rider form is that of Arc's, which is unusual because he's not one of the ones who are supposed to wield it. Sad thing is, he's immune to the side-effects because he's already dead.

His VA is Tim Curry.


One of the few that happened to have been awakened through stress and intense Darkness while re-releasing the Heartless Vizard, FragKing had made his move by killing the Darkside.  After that, he's been wiping out any version of Rook he came across (excluding the Real-World version, whom is trapped within the head) and gained their powers.  He's also a bit of a thief, taking a memento from every single world he's been in...and may have been the reason why a few OTHER souls entered Rook.

Odd part is, he's one version of Shadowmoon (from the Smoke Mirror dimension), another version of Ryuga (from yet ANOTHER dimension), and the Anti-Author part shows him as the Alternative Decade, known as Shin Decade (which means he's the Anti-counterpart of Tsukasa Kadoya).

His VA is that of Yami Bakura's English Version.

Dr. RookSano

A result of Rook messing with the Cloning Machine. A mix of Rook, Dr. Insano, and several OTHER mish-mashing DNA, Dr. RookSano is basically that of a Chaotic Evil that has only one mission: Create his own cloned harem through the DNA of all the Author Fighters/Enemies/etc and those from Earth-932. Sad part is...he's basically part of the Insano Family alongside Dr. Insano and Dr. Linksano.

His VA is that of Mayuri Kurotsuchi's.



1 Gunblade (known as Sanctuary); 2 Trigun-Style Revolvers (called Saint's Arms); 2 Twin Drakeswords (can be one at one point); 1 set of Dyno-Caps (one of them containing his Duel Runner); 1 Duel Disk; Several First Aid Sealing Scrolls; A Digivice/Cell Phone Hybrid (that needs updating); 6 Pokeballs (containing his Pokemon Team); and 1 "Four Suits" Mask.

Deck Style

In both dimensions, Wildrook carries a "Dragun's Army" deck that mainly focuses on Dragons with a few subtle additions to monsters Yugi Muto once used, along with a Chaos Necromancer and Dreamsprite, which happen to be personal favorites of his. After an encounter with Seiyaryu, he discovered that the Three Dragons/Knights of Atlantis (Timaeus, Critias, and Hellmos) chose him to be their new wielder.

Deck List

Normal Monsters:

  • Divine Dragon Ragnarok;
  • Seiyaryu;
  • Armaill;
  • One-Eyed Shield Dragon;
  • Tri-Horned Dragon;
  • Red-Eyes Black Dragon x 2;
  • Dark Magician;
  • Flame Champion;
  • Masaki the Legendary Swordsman;
  • Dark Blade;
  • Summoned Skull;
  • Kumori Dragon;
  • Baby Dragon;
  • Hunter Dragon;
  • Luster Dragon;
  • Luster Dragon 2;
  • Meteor Dragon;
  • Warrior Dai Grepher.

Effect Monsters:

  • Dreamsprite;
  • Dark Magician Girl;
  • Chaos Necromancer;
  • Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon;
  • Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon;
  • Magna Drago;
  • Buster Blader;
  • Kuriboh;
  • Winged Kuriboh;
  • Time Wizard;
  • Felgrand Dragon;
  • Frost and Flame Dragon;
  • Dragon Ice;
  • Blizzard Dragon;
  • Montage Dragon;
  • White-Horned Dragon;
  • Spirit Ryu;
  • Spear Dragon;
  • Red-Eyes Black Chick x 2;
  • Tyrant Dragon;
  • Dragon Piper x 3;
  • Debris Dragon;
  • Troop Dragon x 3;
  • Decoy Dragon x 2;
  • Des Voltsgaph;
  • Draconic Knight;
  • Infernal Dragon;
  • Pitch-Dark Dragon;
  • Kiryu;
  • Vangaurd of the Dragon;
  • Phantom Dragon;
  • Tiger Dragon;
  • Cyber Harpie Lady;
  • Harpie Lady 1;
  • Harpie Lady 2;
  • Harpie Lady 3;
  • Harpie's Pet Dragon;
  • Harpie Queen;
  • Victory Dragon (only used as a last resort)
  • Knight of Timaeus;
  • Knight of Critias;
  • Knight of Hellmos.

Fusion Monsters:

  • Black Skull Dragon;
  • Meteor Black Dragon;
  • Flame Swordsman;
  • Dark Flare Knight;
  • Dragoness the Wicked Knight;
  • Dark Blade the Dragon Knight;
  • King Dragun;
  • Ryu Senshi;
  • Dark Paladin;
  • Thousand Dragon;
  • Five-Headed Dragon (rarely used);
  • The Knight of Destiny.

Synchro Monster:

  • Trident Dragion;
  • Tempest Magician.

Ritual Monster:

  • Lord of the Red Armor.

Spell Cards:

  • The Shallow Grave;
  • Pot of Greed;
  • Dragon’s Gunfire;
  • Heart of the Underdog;
  • Dragon’s Treasure;
  • Polymerization x 2;
  • Miracle Fusion;
  • Fusion Weapon;
  • Card Destruction;
  • Sword of Dark Rites;
  • Card of Sanctity;
  • Graceful Charity;
  • Soul Release;
  • Cost Down;
  • Heavy Storm;
  • Wingbeat of Giant Dragon;
  • Unity;
  • Super Rejuvination;
  • Buster Rancher;
  • Amulet of Ambition;
  • Red Eyes Transfiguration;
  • Blades of Triumph;
  • The Eye of Timaeus;
  • The Fang of Critias;
  • The Claw of Hellmos.

Trap Cards:

  • Hallowed Life Barrier;
  • Dragon’s Rage;
  • Draining Shield;
  • Rare Metalmorph;
  • Destruction Jammer;
  • Magic Arm Shield;
  • Aura Armor;
  • Fake Trap;
  • Negate Attack.

Digimon Partner

On one of his few missions involving dark activity back in his dimension, Wildrook managed to find a partner in the form of a Veemon whom he nicknamed Zero. Unlike the one Davis Motomiya had, Zero had the evolution type of his namesake's, which was that of the Royal Knight known as UlForceVeeDramon. However, the only difference is that when he threw himself into a fight against a Cheat-Enhanced VenomMyotismon, Zero Dark Warp Digivolved Machinedramon, who was more berserk-based than his Dark Masters counterpart.

  • Baby Form - Chibimon.
  • In-Training Form - DemiVeemon.
  • Rookie Form - Veemon.
  • Champion Form - VeeDramon.
  • Ultimate Form - AeroVeeDramon.
  • Mega Form - UlForceVeeDramon.
  • Enhanced Mega Form - UlForceVeeDramon Future Mode.
  • Dark Mega Form - MachineDramon.

Pokemon Team

Despite being a more battle-oriented individual, there was an incident that sent him to the Pokemon World at one point. Because of it, he managed to have a Team of Pokemon to actually appeared alongside him when arrived.

  • Lead Pokemon - #026 Raichu.
    • Nickname - Jolt.
    • Type - Electric.
    • Gender - Male.
    • Nature - Brave.
    • Ability - Static.
    • Attack 1 - Thunderbolt.
    • Attack 2 - Agility.
    • Attack 3 - Iron Tail.
    • Attack 4 - Grass Knot.
    • Character - Somewhat perverted, although he tries to hide it with his cute looks. He and Wildrook have a relationship similar to the Three Stooges. Also dislikes Pokeballs.
  • 2nd Pokemon - #445 Garchomp.
    • Nickname - SandShark.
    • Type 1 - Dragon.
    • Type 2 - Ground.
    • Gender - Male.
    • Nature - Serious.
    • Ability - Sand Veil.
    • Attack 1 - Sandstorm.
    • Attack 2 - Shadow Claw.
    • Attack 3 - Crunch.
    • Attack 4 - Rock Slide.
    • Character - The Powerhouse of the team, but also the stealthiest. Whenever Wildrook wishes for a tactical retreat or a surprise distraction, SandShark is there to help.
  • 3rd Pokemon - #447 Lucario.
    • Nickname - Aura.
    • Type 1 - Fighting.
    • Type 2 - Steel.
    • Gender - Female.
    • Nature - Quirky.
    • Ability - Steadfast.
    • Attack 1 - Aura Sphere.
    • Attack 2 - Dragon Pulse.
    • Attack 3 - Extremespeed.
    • Attack 4 - Force Palm.
    • Character - One of the rare female Lucarios, Aura is frequently targeted by Pokemon Hunters for the gender alone. Wildrook had raised her from an egg on Iron Island and kept her in his party for safekeeping.
  • 4th Pokemon - #229 Houndoom.
    • Nickname - Diablos.
    • Type 1 - Dark.
    • Type 2 - Fire.
    • Gender - Male.
    • Nature - Jolly.
    • Ability - Early Bird.
    • Attack 1 - Crunch.
    • Attack 2 - Fire Fang.
    • Attack 3 - Flamethrower.
    • Attack 4 - Shadow Ball.
    • Character - Despite his scary appearance, Diablos happens to be one of the few Houndoom that are friendly. He's also one of the few who actually get up early in the morning and gets Wildrook ready for the day.
  • 5th Pokemon - #018 Pidgeot.
    • Nickname - Sky.
    • Type 1 - Normal.
    • Type 2 - Flying.
    • Gender - Male.
    • Nature - Adamant.
    • Ability - Keen Eye.
    • Attack 1 - Aerial Ace.
    • Attack 2 - Defog.
    • Attack 3 - Agility.
    • Attack 4 - Air Slash.
    • Character - One of the fastest Pokemon on the team (Jolt being the second-fastest), Sky would be able to detect what's coming their way, be it ally or enemy.
  • 6th Pokemon - #254 Sceptile.
    • Nickname - Cutter.
    • Type - Grass.
    • Gender - Male.
    • Nature - Brave.
    • Ability - Overgrow.
    • Attack 1 - Leaf Blade.
    • Attack 2 - Pursuit.
    • Attack 3 - X-Scissor.
    • Attack 4 - Solarbeam.
    • Character - The second heavy-hitter of the team, but unlike SandShark, Cutter is more of the up-close-and-personal type. Doesn't hold a grudge against anyone except enemies.

Kamen Rider Black RX

When the tournament revealed itself to be a trap, Rook had managed to gain one half of the KingStone and transformed into Kamen Rider Black RX to avenge his fallen partner, Jolt. With it came the two different forms (Roborider and Biorider) and the two living vehicles (Acrobatter and Ridron).


  • Macro Eye (used twice. Used to find a weakness and analyze the opponent, and could also see opponents through walls)
  • RX Kick (used once. Not an overkill move and uses two legs to kick the opponent)
  • RX Jump (used once. Gives him a super jump)
  • Revolance (Overkill move. Takes out a lightsaber and stabs the opponent, killing it instantly)
  • Roborider Form
    • Voltech Blaster (used once. Creates a gun that could occasionally kill an opponent in one move)
  • Biorider Form
    • Turn into liquid energy (used once. Used to escape certain death)


  • Acrobatter
    • Uses communication.
    • Transforms into Roboizer (Roborider) and Mach Jabba (Biorider)
  • Ridron
    • Communicates with Rook.
    • Can detect strange auras.


After waking up with a dream that he was in the first Power Ranger Command Center, he was told by Arthanos (who was a giant floating head in the dream) that he had to find the Sentai powers before O'Malley did. After that revelation, he woke up with Saba on his person. In an ironic twist, even the badass Duke Nukem (who was with them) had the powers of the "Magna Defender" in PR terms.

Giant Robots

When the Death Army attacked, Rook, Trisha, and Wandrex were able to access three Gundams in order to defend the Halberd.

  • Rook managed to find Wing Zero.
  • Trisha pilots Rising Gundam.
  • Wandrex uses Sandrock.
  • Tyler pilots Destiny.
  • Plague had once used Speigel Gundam.

Otherwise noted, Rook's only Giant Robot is the Grungust MK III...customized with a sword, a hammer, and a magnum...along with an ArcBeetle that has Ross's personality.

Iblis Rook

When the Seven Rings are activated in his possession, Wildrook becomes the Gatekeeper of the Flames of Hell, also known as the Iblis Trigger...but not the kind you'd expect. It's a combination of the Devil Trigger and a humanoid version of Darkspine Sonic (Darkspine's patterns are where the head should be). Because of the Devil Blood from the Sparda Seed, he can access this form through another power that would have the tendency to act as a Devil Arm.

Kamen Rider Black

A side-effect of the KingStone enables Wildrook to activate the form of Kamen Rider Black at night.  However, it's rarely seen due to being a day-worker.

PTF Blade Division

In his own world, the PTF had their own Kamen Rider System.  However, they were small knock-offs designed from Wandrex's DS, which could bend reality.  It wasn't until he found the source material that they managed to bring out the originals...which were the Blade System.  However, in order to get full capacity, they had to defend the PIT from Undead and seal them.

  • Kamen Rider Blade was used by Rook himself, having a fascination of card-battles.  Also the only one to actually jump into King mode when using the Evolution Card instead of Category Ace.
  • Kamen Rider Garren was used by Plague.  Although it was made for those who discovered it, he had adapted due to his...other tendencies.
  • Kamen Rider Chalice was used by Wandrex.  However, when an excessive boost of power happens to either Rook or himself, the other can feel the Joker become released.
  • Kamen Rider Leangle was used by Tyler.  Plague was an initial choice, but since he was arachnophobic (afraid of spiders), Tyler had to step in.

Along with the system, there were 52 cards used, thirteen for each member (A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King).  However, there are two Jokers in their decks, making the card count go up to 54.

  • Black Joker happens to be Wandrex's Monster form.  The Joker Undead happens to be a class of Undead all its own, because it can become other Undead with a swipe of the card.  It is unknown if he'll use it at all after the War between the Undead and PTF were to settle.
  • In an ironic yet predictable twist, Rook himself became Navy Joker, symbolizing that Wandrex wasn't alone.  It's unknown whether or not it was harmful for him, but he carries a Keychain known as Another Joker.

Devil Gunslinger Pandora

When Pandora goes through one of 666 forms, it activates a form that is known as Devil Gunslinger Pandora...which resembles Chironomaiki's Diend Form only more demonic and does NOT count as a Rider in any way. It DOES end up as a humorous Gag, though...

Attack Rides

  • Blast: Shoots bolts of Energy at the opponent.
  • Illusion: Releases dozens of Copies. All of them real.
  • Burst: Shoots a bigger bolt of energy.
  • Cannon: Fires a giant ball of energy.
  • Light Beam: Fires a bolt of hot energy that burns the darkness.
  • Dark Beam: Fires a burst of dark energy that freezes the light.
  • Shoop Da Whoop: Self-Explanatory.
  • Super Scope: Self-Explanatory.
  • Chekhov: A play of words on Chekhov's Gun. Is set off Randomly for no reason.
  • Final Attack Ride: Demonic Burst. Has the forms of all the Gunslingers that are personalized out there...and uses the fury of the attacks at once.

Gunslinger Rides

  • Stampede: Summons Vash the Stampede.
  • Starwind: Summons Gene Starwind.
  • Hawkeye: Summons Riza Hawkeye.
  • Linkara: Summons Lewis Lovhaug, aka, Linkara.
  • Hunter: Summons Samus Aran.
  • Chief: Summons Master Chief.
  • Ratchet: Summons Ratchet and Clank.
  • Snake: Summons Solid Snake.
  • HK-47: Summons...HK-47. Use with extreme precaution.

Setback on all of them: They're all conscious.

Running Gags

Bad First Impression

When meeting new people, either the situation that presents itself is either awkward for himself or the others meeting them. The gag tends to reposition itself when meeting another person or entity, only in an another embarrassing situation, such as being chased by a Feraligatr.

Really Weird Internal Alarm

Like most other Author Fighters, Wildrook has a sixth sense for danger. However, it presents itself in the most unusual of ways.

Imminent Danger or Threat - Flanders (from the Simpsons) appears in his ski suit repeatedly saying "Nothing at all." World-Shaking Threat - Billy (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) repeatedly yelling "DESTROY US ALL." Help Your Ally - Billy (again, Grim Adventures) saying "Use the Tangelos" in a similar tone to Obi-Wan Kenobi's "Use the Force, Luke."

The "Halloween Party" Incident

Before joining the Author Fighters, Wildrook had few embarrassing moments, but the "Halloween Party" incident stands out on the level that registers itself as FUBAR. Despite being frustrating for him to remember, he only gives out vague clues on what actually happened, like the "Noodle Incident" from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

The only things that are confirmed lists as follows:

  • It happened on Halloween.
  • Wildrook was in it.
  • Some of the hints involve a "lady with a giant sniper rifle," which means it involved Yoko Littner from Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann.
    • Around the same time, Wildrook was cosplaying as Kamina from the same series, sunglasses and all.
  • Although unclear on the culprit, someone had spiked the punch that day. It could have been either one of them, any other partygoer, or one of the other Persona Task Force members.
  • Wildrook once mentioned that he was hammered that day when he heard Blood Lord Dark Kiva scream the night after he got to know everyone. It's also a known fact that he has Low Alcohol Tolerance, which meant that he was, in fact, a victim to the prank.
  • The bandages on his left arm aren't just for show. Despite having a consciousness on their own, he keeps them on to remind himself of that day.
  • The Galaxy Police was called in the day after the party. Don't ask what happened, but Kiyone (from Tenchi Muyo) had to restrain Mihoshi after tasting the punch.


The two things Wildrook hates the most would be Heartbreak and Rape. Add Otoya Kurenai to the mix, and he can sense what would happen when a significant other of an Author Fighter would be in danger or not. Usually, it leads to the conclusion of this:

Hikari Ino + Danger = Darkmagicianmon peeved off.

That would be an example, but it adds to one of his usual quotes:

"DM's going to be pissed."



Ross: Continuously saving his butt, Ross is basically a good friend despite all of that. Still, it's either the Chaos Factor or just dumb luck.

Lunatic121: Someone he considers as "his better," Lunatic and Rook happen to be the two most insane members of the Author Fighters. Despite having a few Insanity Duels, when one would give up, the person who did usually drives the other one insane, making the one who gave up the winner.

ShadowDJ:  Along the line of Light's senior, Rook and DJ happen to be...somewhat of partners.  Heck, he managed to help him out in a few scraped as well as their OWN allies, which consisted of Yagami Akiza.

Kitten Hachi-Chan: Treats her as a younger sister and can tolerate her friends for her sake. Disgusted at the bias, Rook has fought hard to help her out...and probably knows that if Looney and Kitten don't hook up, the future's in disarray. Then again, considering their streak, she's likely to drive him up the wall.

Tsukasa Kadoya:  Despite what Narutaki thinks about him, Rook had run into Decade once before.  He thought it was Travis, but apparently, the man couldn't have perfected the system...or it was stolen already.  He and Tsukasa managed to liberate the PIT from the Undead/Roach invasion that followed him once before...and this was before actually going through the adventures in the AF World.

Souji Tendou:  Basically the only man that surpasses Rook on luck, and actually getting away with it.  Following the path of heaven, Tendou was known as ruler of all...and he follows the advice of his late Grandmother, which made Rook wonder if his parents were proud of him protecting other worlds or not.  After leaving the World of Kabuto, the two parted and Tendou told him the words that shocked him:  "Sometimes, you've no choice but to meddle."

Kenzaki Kazuma:  The original Blade.  He, with Sakuya, Hajime, and Mutsuki, had trained the Blade Division in use of their weaponry...and actually passed the torch knowing that BOARD was gone for good.  He and Hajime had one last fight that had been between both him as King form and Chalice as Wild Form, making Rook and Wandrex self-conscious about their futures at one point.

Deadpool: Let's face it. Insanity is basically common. Deadpool...well, let's just say he can switch from team to team in order to get his ideas through. Wants to start the Neo-Deadpool Corps with Weasel and well as find others who are equally insane or just as brutal as he is. Shudder to think of what would happen if he would team up with Mikoto Nakadai.


Jack of Blades: Wildrook detests guys like this. Because of his underhanded ambitions to get Hikari as his Fangire Queen, he wants to make the guy's life a living hell. However, he'll let DarkMagicianmon deliver the final blow.

Dimentio: One of Rook's enemies, Dimentio is like the Joker in many ways: Insane, a liar, and hides an ulterior motive. He's able to manipulate dimensions in order to gain an advantage over the Author Fighters, but it also affects them as well.

Gendo Ikari: Before, Rook just hated the guy. When he found out that he was willing to sacrifice his humanity in order to revive his dead wife, he's now willing to beat the ever-lasting crud out of him.

Panther Caroso (aka, Yagami where he's from): Basically gone from annoyance to hated enemy after being tossed into the sun, Panther the Cybernetic One has an ever-lasting grudge against Rook for actually being the second obstacle in his quest to capture Krystal's heart, the first being Fox McCloud.

Nightmare: Being one of the two to piss him off (Andrew (wildrook) being the first), Nightmare had put Rook in near-death after using seals made with actual Holy Water. However, when Nightmare was using Robotnik's Dark Decade system, Rook was able to counter Dark Kiva with Biorider and Dark Kabuto's Clock Up with Roborider. He also minorly slashed him with Revolance, but he shrugged it off as nothing.

Lucifer:  He's on the list because he stole the pants button...and fell under the Crutactious Curse because of it.  Not only that, but PROXY and FragKing happen to be on his tail.  Considering the circumstance, when both Bishop and Fangire Rook of the Checkmate Four joined Lucifer...well, Fangire Rook fell under the Ice Cream illusion because of his gullibility.  However, when Lucifer said that he wanted a heir from Hikari herself...Rook wanted swift justice on him.

Narutaki/General Zol:  The grudge against Decade spans to both FragKing and Rook due to obvious reasons, but he's more quiet about it.  However, he's basically the General of the Bandora Empire because of it.  Alongside Leo (Kamen Rider Psyga), Panther, and the reformatted Psycho Ranges, they will destroy those who use the powers from the original Rangers...and all Sentai Warriors in the process.

Leo: The original Kamen Rider Psyga and Panther's partner when it came to Night Shocker business. Was killed by both Rook and Terry (his son from the future) after kidnapping his son...proving that when kids are involved, you DON'T mess with Papa Wolf.

Vexen: Not exactly Rook's enemy, per se, but Trisha happens to hate him with a fire of a thousand suns. Apparently, when the Organization was starting, Vexen had went to her home world and had brought destruction towards it.

Silencer: It's a well-known fact that Rook hates adulterers. For some odd reason, he knows that when the S-Virus is involved, someone he knows will break another's heart...which is why he vows to kill Silencer before anything happens. If he breaks that vow, he would probably go Ultimate Warri-Rook...and it's happened in one continuity.

Asakura Takeshi: Self-explanatory, especially since the other reason Rook hates Silencer is because of the lack of conscience. However, Asakura he can fight...probably because they've run into each other once before. Then again, can he survive Genocider...or worse, Genosurviver?


  • Spartan Kick: Mimics the kick from 300, only with added strength.
  • Wind Shoot: Fires a shot of wind from all six barrels of Sanctuary at once.
  • Twin Blades: When using the Saint's Arms, he can activate the Light Blade function that turns them both into weapons similar to Sanctuary, only futuristic.
  • Rai Getsuga: Thunder Wolf Fang in English (or close to it). His Twin Drakeswords shoot a wave of lightning at the enemy.
  • Vessel Clone Jutsu: Really the Shadow Clone Jutsu, only it creates two empty husks for Wandrex and Arthanos to enter for a limited time.


  • Despite being one of the newest members, he's actually one of the few humans to actually join the Author Fighters.
  • Like several members of the Author Fighters, Wildrook has Aspergers Syndrome.
  • One of the weirdest traits about him happens to be his voice. Unlike some of the other members of the Author Fighters, his voice would destroy the surrounding area in a matter similar to that of the Jammer from Megas XLR.
    • Despite a moment where he can be seen spoofing the Ace Ventura 2 scene where he was driving in the brain singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the only reason nothing was destroyed (except for the car) was because it was in his mind.
    • Ridron is usually on auto-pilot because of that.
    • It's unknown if it gives him Super Strength or not...but one of his titles happens to be Master Exploder.
  • He met Excalibur (from Soul Eater). Knowing the annoyance factor of the Jinjo-look-alike-wearing-a-tuxedo, he would occasionally send an enemy after it KNOWING that it wasn't worth the trip.
  • He also has a habit of pissing of major villains (Nightmare and Fangire Rook being two of them) as well as sometimes-allies (Haru from the Metamorphosis Gang, in particular), but he DOES gain respect from Shatterpoint and befriended Taiga.
  • Despite what they may think, Wandrex's Nobody features are more obvious than others.  His Rider outfits happen to be Kamen Rider Abyss, which referenced the Deep Sea, and Chalice, which is the Suit of Hearts.  He's also the only one who can hack into systems flawlessly than Seto Kaiba.  His commitment is also unparalleled.
  • He's also the only one whose Alternate Universe story is surprisingly widespread.  In fact, they have their own Riders, which are vast.
  • Rook has been to many worlds beforehand. One of them happens to be the World of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses...where Linkara is his summon.
  • Some of the Noodle Incidents involved were caused by a purchase at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, one of which involved Mithra and Rook's "Male Mithra" form.  Incidentally, they also keep an "Instant Noodle Incident" while using a Fake Corpse of Robert Pattinson on display.
    • Oddly enough, they get complaints from their own kind about it being Cedric Diggory (in a reference to Pattinson's role as him).
    • And yes, Fred's still dead.  He just uses a Gigai to help his brother George out with the shop, and it adds a discount.
  • Another noodle incident involves WHY a food replicator speaks Portugese.
  • One of his forms, Toon Drive, involves near-invincibility...except when the DIP is involved. Ergo, he can use life-threatening Henshins without feeling the side-effects for a limited time. Example includes using the Grungust MK III (from Super Robot Wars) with ArcBeetle-R (aka, ArcBeetle with Ross's personality and DNA) to turn it into Grungust Kiva. He'd test the Faiz system, but if anything, he doubts he can get further than Faiz Accel because of the mana limit.


"He made his choice. You can still make yours. Live for today." (Wildrook talking to Jose after the confrontation with Shadowmoon)

"STUPID SEXY FLANDERS!" (After the Danger Sense goes off)

"SOMEBODY GET THIS FRICKING DUCK AWAY FROM ME!" (Water-Walking while being chased by a Feraligatr)

"This just gets worse and worse." (After finding out that Jack of Blades had Nelo Angelo)

Wandrex: Remember the Last Time we got locked in a freezer? Wildrook: Let's make sure this doesn't happen again. (condensed version of a Clerks joke)

Wandrex: Gentlemen, BEHOLD! (Within Wildrook's head. Arthanos is dressed up like Steve.)

"Like a glove!" (after lucking out on parking in an upright position)

Wildrook: Can someone get through his thick skull and notice that blaming the original for what the Darkside forced her to do is different from blaming the original?!? I didn't exactly come here to discuss Haru's ambiguous sexuality.

Otoya: I did.

Wildrook: Shut up.

(Concerning his review show) "Hello, and welcome to Refuge in Audacity, where Bad Media goes down the toilet."

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