Wilhem Bricks is the owner of a schnaps factory. He is a very wealthy and powerful man. If you are wise you will stay on his good side. He is the husband of Elvira Bricks and the father of Hanno and Udo Bricks. In Chapter Four, Wilhelm becomes the Burgermeister or "mayor" of Enwarden. So on top of owning a huge factory and being enormously wealthy, he is now the most powerful man in Endwarden. Throughout the book his actions make the reader assume he is the killer, but who knows... maybe he is or maybe he isn't..


At the end of the book we do find that Wilhelm is innocent, kind of. Okay, so he didn't actually "murder" the victims but scaring someone so much and causing them to commit a crime could be considered murder on a different level. Towards the end of the book Elvira Bricks confesses to Wilhelm that she killed Tamara by giving her too many sleeping pills. She states that the only reason she did it was because she was deathly terrified of her husband.

So over all, Wilhelm Bricks tries to put on the show that his family is perfect. Tragically in the end, we find out that his family is no where near perfect.

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