Template:Wiling Wiling

Timeline-2300zt (Zero Time)

Setting-Galaxy of Wile

Technology-Space Travel is well established and commonly used. Galactic Ships are only allowed and used by the galaxies three Superpowers. (Mystic Elves are the only non Superpower allowed to maintain a galactic fleet.) Intergalactic Speed is the primary means and fastest speed recognized in the galaxy.

Weaponry-Technology has not yet allowed the use of lasers as weapons nor has it been able to successfully use energy to shield people or equipment. Many forms of machine guns hand guns and hand weapons are the primary method of assault and self defense.


Star Empire Micro-Prime Prospect Minor

  • Mystic Elves are not recognized as a Superpower but play a prominent role throughout the galaxy.

Current Affairs

The Star Empire has made bold moves to further its reach in the galaxy. The Empire has declared war on Prospect Minor, a once powerful and wealthy government. Years of infighting has left Prospect Minor a former shell of it’s self. Many of its systems have pulled away into independent Governments. Its remaining systems are poor and out of control. Its military has struggled to secure peace throughout its regions. Current systems controlled by Prospect Minor harbor various crime syndicates that have launched campaigns against the hated Star Empire. Using this as a reason to expand its regions the Star Empire left Prospect Minor an unrealistic timeline to restore order. When the timeline expired the Empire began invading numerous planets held by Prospect Minor using an attempt to protect its borders as the excuse. Feeling as though Prospect Minor is to far gone to recover the Empire has demanded that they surrender its government and all assets immediately. In return all of its remaining systems would be offered generous protection from it’s military. Prospect Minor has sent out a desperate plea to its neighbor Prospect Major home to the legendary Mystic Elves.

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