The Imposter

Imposter: I busted you out of Jenny's clucthes so that you might actually challenge me. But you just proven to no less of a second rate amateur from what you were before!

Misty: What's this feeling? Why I am afraid? Is this what its like to be afraid of your shadow?

Brock: Ash, look at the signs. Someone's battling. Could it be Misty?

Ash: Lets go and see.

Imposter: Now its time for Gyarados to use Shock Blast.

Misty: What?!

Imposter: Your sad little attempt to have me through set up these requirements. Use Shock Blast!


Misty: Agh! Why did that hurt? Starmie, come back. Go, Kingdra.

Imposter: You don't think this is just a battle of our Pokémon. Oh no amateur, this is also about our lives.

Misty: What?! You lost Gyarados from using Shock Blast so how come you feel like you're winning?

Imposter: On this move, I'm going to prove I'm the real you. I am the all powerful Water master. I rule Cerulean City! I bring you Staryu!

Misty: Impossible! That's my own Pokémon. Wait a sec. No one else seems to know about the different coloured gem on it.

Imposter: Go Staryu, use Water Gun on her Kingdra!


Misty: Unnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Imposter: Here's one more for the road.

Misty: Aaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! (shatter) (thoughts) It can't be. How can she have my Pokemon? She mastered Staryu's tactics better than I knew. Who is she?

Imposter: When a generation burns out, a new one or an upgrade steps in. I'm afraid for you that I'm your upgrade.


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