A Vital Clue

Ash: That's the barrier where we saw the crash. Brock, is that one of Misty's items?

Brock: Oh no. Its the Trust Crystal we gave her.

Ash: Wait a sec. Brock, when we came face to face with what appeared to be Misty last night, did you notice anything strange?

Brock: Well, there was a different colour on Staryu's gem and her eyes didn't seem right. That means that she was telling us the truth. And there is an imposter of her.

The Truth is out

Misty: Where am I? You again?! Who are you?!

Imposter: I am you. A better you.

Placido: Do you think we overestimated her? I'm starting to doubt she'll fit in to the Infinity Circuit.

Jose: Have patience. Time will tell.

Luccanio: You better be right. I went through a lot of trouble copying her Pokemon and items.

Brock: Jenny!

Misty: Brock?

Jenny: Stay back. Its too dangerous.

Ash: That isn't Misty. Its an imposter.

Imposter: Took you long enough to figure that out but you'll be gone before anyone else knows about it.

Brock: I may not be able to apologize for being angry about it, but I can make it up to her by taking you down.

Imposter: Go ahead and try.


Misty: Brock, no!

Brock: Ah! Un!

Imposter: That joke thought he could take me on but I crush pipsqeauks like him to tommorow.

Ash: If you really are Misty, you would know that joke you called was one of your best friends.

Imposter: A supreme Gym leader has no need for friends, only losers have the need for friends. The supreme reign alone.


Ash: Whhhhoaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Misty: Thats it. No one hurts my friends and gets away with it! RRRRRAaaaarrrrrr!!!!! My Turbo Gear and my Pokemon.


Misty: Time for the real Misty to step in you faker!


Ash: Misty!

Jenny: There really is two of them.

Ash: Misty, catch.

Misty: I might want to use it this time round. Thanks Ash.

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