The man Born William Edwards was, and always will be regarded a hero in West End. The Edwards family (now divided) raised him well on their farm on the east side of town. He went on to join the town guard of West End, and the Company of the Red Spear. On his adventures, he came by the Shard of Night, a large black sword. He used 'Eve' on a number of occasions to save the party from harm. In a valley which existed on the material plane as well as the Demiplane of Dread and Demiplane of Shadow, he thrust the Shard of Night into the ground, seperating the planes.

Sadly his heroism cost him his life that day as he ended the Dread War, December 25th 20AF. A statue of him was placed in the square in town, and men still salute it as they walk by.

The name Dreadbane was added posthumously, for his telling sacrifice in the Dread War. A statue of him stands in the center of the square in West End.

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