Will Ross is the current Vice President of the United States of Jaffeland.

House of Representitives Career

William Ross was elected to the HOR in 1994, winning his district (Lexington Northeast, a suburban district in the state of Marston) in a landslide by 24 percent. While this may have been because of his very unusual (for a Republican) left-wing views, the fact that the incumbent Representative for Lexington Northeast, a Democrat, was unusually right-wing; thus the constituents defied party labels and ended up voting for the candidate that they personally liked better. He would be re-elected twice more.

2000 Primary Run

After being re-elected two times, Will Ross would make an un-expected run for President. He entered a small field, of only four candidates, and no one had really heard of him. The primary would drag on, and with two weeks until the Attaack Caucus, two of the five candidates would drop out, leaving three. Heavy Front Runner and Govenor Ron Johnson, Senate Minority Leader Paul Green, and Ross. Green would drop out, and eventually the convention came. Johnson was pressured to choose Green, but Ross was more politically similar to Johnson. Johnson liked Ross, personally as well as politically, and would choose him as the Republican Veep Candidate.

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