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  • Willy Wonka as Noddy
  • Grandpa Joe as Big Ears
  • Mrs. Bucket as Tessie Bear
  • Mr. Salt as Mr. Tubby Bear
  • Mrs. Gloop as Mrs. Tubby Bear
  • Augustus Gloop as Master Tubby Bear
  • Mr. Turkintine as Mr. Plod
  • Bill as Mr. Milko
  • Charlie Bucket as Clockwork Mouse
  • Mike Teavee as Bert Monkey
  • Veruca Salt as Martha Monkey
  • Mrs. Teavee as Dinah Doll
  • Violet Beauregarde as Miss Pink Cat
  • Mr. Joepeck as Mr. Sparks
  • Mr. Beauregarde as Sammy Sailor
  • Grandma Josephine as Mrs. Noah

Voice Cast

  • Susan Sheridan - Willy Wonka, Mrs. Bucket, Mrs. Gloop, Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Mrs. Teavee, Violet Beauregarde and Grandma Josephine
  • Jimmy Hibbert - Grandpa Joe, Mr. Salt, Augustus Gloop, Mr. Turkintine, Bill, Mike Teavee, Mr. Joepeck and Mr. Beauregarde

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