Wilson The Trainee Chugger & Friends Is A Chuggington/Thomas Parody Series.


  • Wilson as Thomas
  • Hodge as Edward
  • Chatsworth as Henry
  • Harrison as Gordon
  • Emery as James
  • Brewster as Percy
  • Old Puffer Pete as Toby
  • Zack as Duck
  • Ernest (from Ernest the Engine) as Donald
  • Stevie (from Ernest the Engine) as Douglas
  • Fletch as Oliver
  • Silver Fish (from Casey Jr.) as Diesel
  • Hoot as Bill
  • Toot as Ben
  • Dunbar as BoCo
  • Decka as Daisy
  • Calley as Mavis
  • Casey Jr. (from Casey Jr.) as Stepney
  • Zephie as Emily
  • Benny the Cab (from Disney) as Bertie
  • Trev the Diesel Train (from Cars) as Salty
  • Skylar as Harvey
  • Shinkansen 1 (from Shinkansen) as Arry
  • Shinkansen 2 (from Shinkansen) as Bert
  • Pufle (from Casey Jr.) as Fergus
  • Thomas (from TTTE) as Skarloey
  • Percy (from TTTE) as Rheneas
  • Gordon (from TTTE) as Sir Handel
  • Henry (from TTTE) as Peter Sam
  • Toby (from TTTE) as Rusty
  • James (from TTTE) as Duncan
  • Murdoch (from TTTE) as Duke
  • Edward (from TTTE) as Freddie
  • Donald (from TTTE) as Mighty
  • Douglas (from TTTE) as Mac
  • Tootle (from Casey Jr.) as Arthur
  • Piper as Lady
  • Harry (from Horrid Harry the Diesel Train) as Diesel 10
  • Wiesel (from Whiming Wiesel the Engine) as Splatter
  • Dim (from Devious Dim the Evil Train) as Dodge
  • Pingu (from Pingu) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Muck (from Bob the Builder) as Terence
  • Lofty (from Bob the Builder) as Trevor
  • Mater (from Cars) as Toad
  • Action Chugger as Derek
  • Miles Axlerod (from Cars) as Bulgy
  • Lizzie (from Cars) as Elizabeth
  • Chick Hicks (from Cars) as George
  • Speedy McAllister as Murdoch
  • Hanzo as Spencer
  • Sally Carrera (from Cars) as Caroline
  • Big Mickey (from TUGS) as Cranky
  • The Evil Truck (a fan-made TTTE character) as Scruffey
  • Koko as Rosie
  • Diesel (from TTTE) as Smudger
  • Johnny Cuba (from TUGS) as Bulstrode
  • Scruffey (from TTTE) as The Spiteful Brakevan
  • Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Jack
  • Sunshine (from TUGS) as Alfie
  • Big Mac (from TUGS) as Byron
  • Warrior (from TUGS) as Ned
  • OJ (from TUGS) as Kelly
  • Top Hat (from TUGS) as Patrick
  • Hercules (from TUGS) as Nelson
  • Boomer (from TUGS) as Buster
  • Sea Rogue (from TUGS) as Oliver (Pack)
  • Lillie Lightship (from TUGS) as Isobella
  • Zebedee (from TUGS) as Max
  • Zak (from TUGS) as Monty
  • Farnsworth (from The Little Engine That Could/Casey Jr.) as D261
  • Zach (From ZachsWholeLife) as Mike
  • Nicholas (From ZachsWholeLife) as Rex
  • Mr. Boff (From ZachsWholeLife) as Bert
  • Jacob (From ZachsWholeLife) as Jock
  • CAL (From ZachsWholeLife) as Frank


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

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