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Wind Waker Segmented Speedrun

Time goal:Sub 6:10

---General Tips---

  • When going onto higher surface,jumpslash onto it
  • When carrying items(pots,statues,etc.),sidehop
  • When restocking on items,try to collect them in the routes path

and DO NOT take a detour

  • If you find rupee droppings, pick them up if they're not out

of the way

  • When obtaining jp's, grapple them out of the bokoblin
  • When low on magic,either find them in grass,pots,etc

or use soup glitch.I prefer second option if no pots or grass are around

  • Conserve your supplies(arrows,bombs,magic)
  • When you place a bomb, don't wait for it to explode, slash it with your sword

to save time(i.e. Fighting Stalfos in ET, Big boulders)

  • When you do soup glitch, try to place an item over the soup

that you will use(ex.Skull Hammer)

  • Take advantage of your leaf and use it to clear gaps instead of grappling
  • Quicker way to defeat Wizzrobes is with the magic arrows
  • When travling up steep hills, sidehop up them
  • When I say "hit switch with skull hammer",sidehop then jumpslash.


  • ALWAYS copy your files.Manipulate them for Tp locations and to redo segs

These are some little tips that will help you throughout the run. _____________________ Key:R=rupees

   K=Small key
   HP=Hyoi Pear
   TC=Triforce Chart
   TP=Triforce Piece
   JP=Joy Pendants


NOTE: My counts are rough estimates of what we should have. You might enough arrows or bombs at the point I tell you to restock.

Let's get started!

---Segment 1--- -Watch opening cutscene -Sidehop off balcony -Swim to shore then run to Link's House(go inside) -Climb up ladder -Obtain Hero's Clothes -Savewarp

---Segment 2--- -Climb up ladder and talk to Aryll -Obtain Telescope and zoom to the mailbox -Watch cutscene -Sidehop off balcony -Run into Ocra's House -Talk to Ocra -Cycles 1-2 is done with slow slashes with a .5 second delay -Cycle 3 done with quickslashes -Cycles 4-6 is done as said -Obtain Hero's Sword -Savewarp

---Segment 3--- -Go up to Forest of Faires -Run torward first enemy -Quickspin Log to get 20 rupees[R20] -Proceed to 2 Bokoblins -Jumpslash onto lof and sidehop up it and watch cutscene -Defeat both bokoblins with 4 thrusts at the same time -Watch cutscene -Get to Link's House -Climb up ladder -Backflip off and obtain Shield -Savewarp(OPTIONAL) -If you don't save, run out of house and to Tetra

---Segment 4(OPTIONAL)--- -Jump in water and swim to Tetra -Watch cutscene -Save

---Segment 5--- -Go into Ship -Run towards ledge and hang on it then roll off and to Niko -Watch cutscene -Do obstacle course[strat=press A right when you grab the ropes] -On second to last rope, postion yourself so you will swing onto Niko's ledge -Obtain Spoils Bag -Savewarp

---Segment 6--- -Climb up ladder -Watch cutscene -Save

---Segment 7--- -Skip Tetra text -Get 40 rupees in courtyard[R60] -Proceed upward and jump into window -Climb up ladder and defeat Bokoblin with quickspins -Proceed to Hanging Boat room -Get past Moblin -Skip the Final Moblin -Get Sword back -Defeat Bokoblin with 6 slow slashes -Obtain Joy pendant if dropped[JP1] -Go through Giant door -watch cutscene -Save

---Segment 8--- -Watch small cutscene -Take route to the right -Grab 20 rupees in pot near back dock[R80] -Obtain Sail[-80R you:0R] -Save

---Segment 9--- -Fast sail to Dragon Roost -Get 15 rupees on the way[R15] -Obtain Wind Waker -Get Wind's Requiem -Save

---Segment 10--- -Do rock skip -Go into mountain -Watch cutscene(delivery bag obtained) -Go up to Medli -Obtain Letter -Hang on ledge and drop to roll -Go to Komali -Give him letter -Go to dry fountain -Talk to Medli and throw her up to ledge -Climb up ladder and blast rock -Swim to other side -Lower first platform -Jumpslash to other side from first platform -Go into DRC and save

---Segment 11--- -Pull block twice then pull second block once and proceed into bokoblin room -Jumpslash over bar and quickspin bokoblin -Light both torches.When you light the last one, side hop in front of chest -Obtain key[K1] and proceed through door[K0] -Jumpslash down to the block. -Pull block once -Use a bomb to blast rock(right when the bomb explodes, roll into the rock and you will be in front of door) -Quickspin bokoblin and slash the wooden bars then throw sword at the higher bar -Obtain key and proceed through door[K1] -Quickspin the bombs and roll into rock when they explode -Open locked door[R0] -Do lava cutscene skip and climb ladder(wait for chu to jump while on ladder) -Quickspin bokoblin and light the wooden bars and step on switch then proceed -Climb ladder and clear gap. -Run off ledge and grab onto wood ledge -blast rock and roll into explosion, go through door -Pull middle block twice,climb up, then pull that block once and climb up -Pull block once then climb up and light stick -Throw stick torwards the wooden bars and jump and roll while the stick is being thrown -Get key[K1] and go through door[K0] -Blast open vase and run to other side and open door -Roll into wall and kill bokolin in the pot with slow stabs.Find the other two and use the same strat.[JP3] -Climb up ladder when final bokoblin is being killed.Go through door. -Grab pot of water and throw it on the fire pillar, then hop on the platform and go through the door. -Blast open rock with 3rd vase then blast open second rock and roll into it when bomb explodes -Run up stairs and defeat both bokoblins at the same time using slow slashes[JP5] -Then beat Moblin with slow stabs and run torwards Medli when he dies. -Obtain Grappling Hook and save.

---Segment 12--- -Run into room and jump in the pot -DRC Boss Key shortcut -Grapple onto the post then proceed through door -Right angle jump to lower ledge -Proceed to Boss Key room -Make the Magtail into a ball and put it on switch -Sidehop when you place him -Obtain Boss Key and save

---Segment 13--- -Run into room and jump in pot twice -Grapple to other side -Obtain fairy in bottle -Go through Boss Door -Defeat Ghoma in a single cycle -Exit Dungeon -Cutscene(obtain Din's Pearl) -Save

---Segment 14--- -Conduct Wind South -Fast Sail to Forest Haven -Save

---Segment 15--- -Grapple onto post -Proceed into Haven -Kill all the chus -Cutscene -Make way up to Deku Leaf -Savewarp

---Segment 16--- -Conduct wind north -Sail over to the cyclone near FW -At right time,jump out of KORL and use deku leaf and and cyclone to fly into FW -Save

---Segment 17--- -Use Deku Nut on first door -Use Baba Buds to travel up room -Use bomb on the door -Glide to the platform -Kill the boko baba to create the baba bud -Use buds to get to the top platform -Ride the moving plaform to the Deku Seed -Ride back with seed/use seed on door -Blow seed out of the trap/use seed on door -Make you way around the Giant flower room to the deku seed -Use seed on door -Ride those moving tentacles up to the blue warp vase -Open warp vase -go through door you broke with seed -Throw bomb at the gate -Use chimpas' small key timesaver -Obtain Key[K1] -savewarp to entrance

---Segment 18--- -go into green warp vase -Open the locked door[K0] -use deku leaf to glide to the platform -Use baba buds to make your way to the Boomerang room -Deafeat the Mothula -Obtain Boomerang -Save warp to entrance

---Segment 19--- -Use green vase to warp to blue vase -Knock down giant flower with boomerang/right when you throw boomerang jump down -Take path to the right/open door/quickspin the plant -Navigate through tunnel with flower -Hit 5 switches with boomerang/fall down to gate while boomerang manuvers around room -Obtain Boss Key -Save warp

---Segment 20--- -Use green vase to warp to blue vase -Jump down to the door with the two flowers on it(do not jump into the giant flower pit) then hit flowers with boomerang -Defeat both Mothulas with one quickspin -Go into boss room -One Cycle Kalle Demos -Exit Dungeon -Cutscene -Obtain Farore's Pearl -Savewarp

---Segment 21--- -Sail north to Farore's Pearl placement -Place pearl -Conduct wind west -Sail to Greatfish Isle -Cutscene -Conduct wind northeast -Sail to Windfall -Shortcut to Bomb house -Go into house -Cutscene -Save

---Segment 22--- -Go into ship and put in password -Hang on ledge and drop off to roll into cutscene -Cutscene -Jump on rope to the left then jump onto the next rope -Position yourself to rope to the top right -Swing over and to Niko -Obtain Bombs[B30] -Savewarp

---Segment 23--- -Conduct wind south and place Din's pearl -Sail into cyclone -Warp to Outset and sail to -Save

---Segment 24--- -Proceed up to broken bridge -Conduct wind west -Glide to FoF -Proceed up to Fairy rock -Blast rock and sidehop to the hole right when bomb explodes[B29] -Obtain 1000 rupee purse -Savewarp

---Segment 25--- -Go to Grandma and heal her -Obtain Elixir Soup -Savewarp

---Segment 26--- -Go to back of Outset and into whirlpool -Blast open door[B23] -Cutscene -Obtain Nayru's Pearl -Save

---Segment 27--- -Conduct wind northeast -Sail to Nayru placement -Place pearl -Watch cutscene -Sail into ToG -Save

---Segment 28--- -Do the ToG break from the pillar to the left of the hut roof thing -Go through door -Place 2 armoses(sidehop while carrying) -Step on left switch(jumpslash onto platform right when oyu step on it) -Go through open door -Proceed through Wizrobe room -Call the statue -Guide him to other side -Go to main room with statue and get Command Melody -Go through next door -Glide to other side and go through door -Glide to other side and call statue -Step on switch and conduct CM -Go across bridge(as statue) and return to Link -Glide to statue -Go through door with him -Glide to Bow room -Use the soup glitch to defeat Darknut -Obtain Bow[A30] -exit room -Shoot eye[A29] -Glide to statue -Grab him and proceed to the main room -Go through next door -Jump down to lower door and go through -Glide to the chest platform and obtain key[K1] -Glide back and go through door -Climb up ladder -Glide to back of left scale and jump onto high platform -Open locked door[K0] -Jump onto block and glide to the statue -Get statue and sidehop to the exit -Throw him on one scale then throw 4 armoses onto other scale -Proceed through door to main room -Go into pink light -Bomb boost over lasers[B22] -Obtain Boss Key and defeat armoses with quickspins or arrows[A26] -Proceed through door -Sidehop over two beamos lasers and jumpslash over the last two -Stock up on arrows and open door[A30] -First cycle of Gohdan[A22][B21] -Second cycle[A14][B20] -Final cycle[A6][B19] -Boss defeated and exit boss room -Grapple the bell -Proceed to underwater Hyrule -Save

---Segment 29--- -Proceed into Hyrule Castle -Complete puzzle -Go to master sword room -Cutscene -Obtain MS -Save

---Segment 30--- -Do soup glitch -Defeat horde of enemys.Don't pick up any droppings -Savewarp to entrance

---Segment 31--- -Exit castle -Save

---Segment 32--- -Talk to KORL -Go to Great Sea -Save

---Segment 33--- -Sail northwest to FF -Go into cyclone -Defeat the Cyclos[A3] -Obtain BoG -Warp to Tingle Island -Sail to FF -Blast door[B18] -Save

---Segment 34--- -Do soup glitch -Defeat PG in sub 12 seconds -Obtain Skull Hammer -Bash peg and go up on ledge -Glide over to the half ladder -Proceed through FF -Go through big door -Cutscene -Save

---Segment 35--- -Make your way up the spiral staircase -Bash the HK with hammer -Go up on ledge and watch cutscene -SC him when mask falls off -Go to Ganon -Cutscene -Save

---Segment 36--- -Go into castle -Go into MS room -Cutscene -Save

---Segment 37--- -Exit castle -Go to Great Sea -Save

---Segment 38--- -Warp to Mother & Child Isle -Cutscene -Obtain Fire&Ice Arrows -Save

---Segment 39--- -Warp to DR -Sail south to Fire Mountain -Shoot with Ice arrow -Climb up mountain and drop in -Jump on cliff and glide to chest -Obtain Power Bracelets -Savewarp

---Segment 40--- -Warp to Southern Fairy Island -Conduct wind east -Sail to Ice Ring Isle -Shoot Fire arrow -Glide over to mouth and go inside -Run past wind -Open chest and obtain iron boots -Savewarp

---Segment 41--- -Warp to SFI -Point wind southwest -Sail to ET -Lift rock -Go into ET -Get EGL -Savwarp

---Segment 42--- -Warp to DR -Sail torward 200 rupee chest -Shoot bombs with arrows -Get 200 rupees[R215] -Savewarp

---Segment 43--- -Rock skip -Proceed into mountain -Go up top and through door near mailman game -Glide across gap -Get on rail and jump on ledge(skip ladder) -Talk to Medli and conduct EGL -Save

---Segment 44--- -Warp to SFI -Go to ET -Conduct EGL -Save

---Segment 45--- -Use soup glitch(put hammer over sail) -Glide with Medli across gap and cancel it -Sidehop up stairs and fly to first platform -Step on platform and throw Medli torward other -Conduct CM while she's in air -Fly to other switch and activate it -Fly to door and return -Jump and get Medli and proceed through door -Kill all red and green chus as link -Move medli's mirror over black chus -Kill them all with hammer -Grab Medli, proceed through door -Jump off ledge and fly over fogged switch -Cancel fly and jump attack the switch in fog -Grab Medli and proceed through door -Throw her where the light will spawn -Climb ladder, and push block.On final push sidehop off -Conduct CM, and reflect light on chest then return -Obtain Key[K1] -Grab Medli and exit room -Open locked door[K0] -Jump up ledges and throw Medli on higher ledge -Do the deku leaf bomb boost trick to get up there -Push block down, grab Medli and proceed -Beat floormaster -Move Medli torward wall to melt it -Pull block and move it into placement -Throw Medli up onto high platform -Jumpslash onto block and proceed through door(leave Medli) -Defeat Moblins with two stabs then a quickspin -Then jumpslash the poe's lantern with the Skull Hammer then drop a bomb and let it curse you -Slash bomb to kill poe[B18] -Repeat on second poe[B17] -Go to small key tomb room -Jump off ledge and take out leaf -Glide near the trigger and quickly grab hold of ledge -Use boomerang to get key and backflip torward door while key comes back -Obtain key[K1] -Exit -Open locked door[K0] -Use a bomb on stalfos and slash it to cut the explode time[B16] -Boomerang head and hit it with hammer -Repeat on two other Stalfoses[B14] -Obtain Mirror Shield -Savewarp

---Segment 46--- -Go to main room with head -Reflect light onto both eyes from same spot -Proceed downstairs -Run over to EGL stone -Conduct it and proceed -Go through door on left by reflecting light into the statue -Fly across gap with Medli -Move statue into gap -Hit switch with hammer -Reflect light onto the statue in other room -exit room by flying across gap with meldi -go to the room to right and go through door -Leave her and get the key[K1] -exit with medli -Jump on small pillar and fly torward platform with locked door -Cancel the fly and Medli will be ontop and you will hang -With Medli,Open locked door and proceed -Go through door -Proceed to other EGL stone -Conduct it and proceed though -Blast open vase[B13] -Fly down to bottom and cancel fly(go through door) -Use CM on Medli to hit switch -Push first block into place -Be Medli and melt wall and return -Move second statue in place -Melt next wall with Link and place third statue -Reflect light into statues eye's with medli and link -Get 150 rupees in alcoves[R400] -Go downstairs and go through door -Use soup glitch and defeat the Darknut and two bubbles[A1] -Obtain Boss Key -Savewarp

---Segment 47--- -Go to chu room -Restock on arrows[A20 persay] -Go into vase -Glide over to Boss key room -Go into Boss Room -Defeat Jalhalla with soup glitch -Cutscene -Exit dungeon -Cutscene -Save

---Segment 48--- -Warp to Windfall -Conduct wind north -Go to the wind temple island -Open cave -Get WGA -Savewarp

---Segment 49--- -Warp to Forest Haven -Enter Beetle's Shop -Obtain Bait Bag and 1 pears[R-30 you:R370][HP2] -Save

---Segment 50--- -Swing into waterfall -Conduct WGA to Makar -Cutscene -Save

---Segment 51--- -Warp to Windfall -Sail to WT -Go inside and save

---Segment 52--- -CM on Makar and step on switch then return -Glide over to Makar -Place bomb to open up vase -Proceed with Makar -Blow the gate CM Makar -Plant two trees and return then proceed -CM in Makar then plant tree on first platform then last -Cutscene -Door to the right -Use fire Arrow on the second warp vase[A19] -Savewarp

---Segment 53--- -Warp to second vase and hit switch -Jump down then go into small key room -Bomb boost onto to spikes and throught -Obtain small key[K1] -Do the soup glitch -Exit room then proceed to locked door then enter[K0] -Defeat the Wizzrobe with Ice arrows and skull hammer when on ground[A18] -Defeat spawn enemies -Obtain Hookshot -Savewarp

---Segment 54--- -Warp to second vase and glide to Makar's prison -Open it up -CM Makar and fly to door that leads to his capture -You glide to ledge -Go through door -Then CM Makar to up top -Hookshot up to top then proceed through door with Makar -CM Makar and plant trees then go to high door and return -Proceed upward and go through door with Makar -Place Makar on one switch then you step on the other -Make Makar plant two trees to activate fan -Fly up to room with small key -Defeat 6 armoses with quickspins to obtain small key[K1] -Fly over to 2 huge armos knights -CM Makar to you -Proceed through door and then conduct WGA -Use soup glitch to defeat Darknuts and get boss key -Now drop to bottom and go through locked door[K0] -Go up to switch to open door then proceed with Makar -Get 4 jp's[JP9] -Glide through the wind propellors then defeat the floormaster and CM Makar -Fly him to you then return -Go to door -Sidehop to other side with Makar and iron boots -Conduct WGA then get 65 rupees in pots[R435] -(Optional to break open vase and save) -Defeat Molgera -Cutscene -Save

---Segment 55--- -Set wind west -Sail to NFI -Blast boulder[B12] -Get max purse upgrade -Save

---Segment 56--- -Warp to Outset -Set wind south -Save at Outset

---Segment 57--- -Hookshot up to giant rock head -Lift rock and go in SL -Do soup glitch -Complete SL -Restock on bombs in level 20[B30] -At the end you should have[JP21][A4-0][B27] (Stop collecting jp's after getting 21) -Gather rupees in pots on floors 10[R540], 20[R740],30[R1045] -Obtain Trifoce chart[TC1] -Savewarp

---Segment 58--- -Warp to Greatfish Isle -Sail to Islet of Steel -Destroy Cannon ship[B24] -Obtain Triforce Chart[TC2] -Save

---Segment 59--- -Set wind west -Sail to Needle Rock Isle -Destroy Golden ship[B21] -Obtain Triforce chart[TC3] -Save

---Segment 60--- -Set wind south -Sail to Diamond Steppe Island -Go inside -Restock on Arrows[A20 persay] -Work up to Ghost Ship Chart -Obtain Ghost Ship Chart -Savewarp

---Segment 61--- -Warp to Greatfish Isle -Set wind southeast -Sail to Stone Watcher Island -Lift rock -Do soup glitch -Beat rooms[A17] -Obtain Triforce Chart[TC4] -Get rupees in pots near TC[R1105] -Keep repeating 101 rupee trick till this amount[R2912] -Save

---Segment 62--- -Warp to Windfall -Set wind northwest -Talk to Teacher -Do hide-n-seek -Free Tingle while playing -TT and Tingle Chart obtained -Finish hide-n-seek -Talk to Teacher -Obtain 70 rupees[R2982] -Obtain Cabana Deed -Savewarp

---Segment 63--- -Warp to DR -Sail to Overlook Island -Go inside -Do soup glitch -Complete rooms -Get 101 rupees[B16][A14][R3083] -Obtain triforce chart[TC5] -Get rupees in pots near chest[R3143] -Savewarp

---Segment 64--- -Warp to Forest Haven -Sail to Bird Rock Peak -Do bird stuff[HP0] -Obtain Triforce Chart[TC6] -Get rupees in pots until you get 3186[R3186] -Save

---Segment 65--- -Warp to ToG -Set wind South -Sail to Cabana -Go inside -Proceed to Triforce Chart -Obtain Triforce Chart[TC7] -Savewarp

---Segment 66--- -Warp to closest GS spot(pray to god that it is in F5) -Go in ship -Beat ship -Obtain TC[TC8] -Savewarp

---Segment 67--- -Warp to Tingle Island -Encode Charts[TC0][R0] -Save

---Segment 68--- -Open TC's(manipulate files for tp location on Outset) -Warp to Windfall -Set wind north if not set already -Sail to Gale island and obtain Triforce piece[TP1] -Warp to DR -Sail to Seven Star Isle -Obtain tp[TP2] -Warp to Greatfish Isle -Obtain tp[TP3] -Warp to SFI -Sail to soutern triangle island -Obtain tp[TP4] -Set wind east -Sail to Stone Watcher Island -Obtain TP[TP5] -Warp to Forest Haven -Set wind east -Sail to Cliff Plateau Isles -Obtain TP[TP6] -Warp to SFI -Set wind south -Sail to southern Reef Isle -Obtain tp[TP7] -Warp to Outset -Obtain in front of Outset[tp8] -Warp to ToG -Cutscene -Go in Hyrule -Save

---Segment 69--- -Do soup glitch -Go to MS room -Cutscene -Defeat 2 Darknuts -Save

---Segment 70--- -Make your way to Ganon's Tower -Save

---Segment 71--- -Do soup glitch -Complete 4 rooms -Climb stairs -Save

---Segment 72--- -Go in Phantom Ganon room -Run through correct doors -Obtain Light arrow -Save

---Segment 73--- -Beat Puppet Ganon[A4][B13] -Optional to not save and proceed to Ganon -Save

---Segment 74--- -Do soup glitch -Go in Puppet room -Climb up -Defeat Ganon in 40 seconds -Watch Ending

Well that's it!An astounding 74 segments! I wish luck to whoever runs this game.Hmmm...I wonder if I should wright a SS route.^_~

Completed:November 14, 2007 Author:Unreal

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