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  • Pinocchio - Pooh/Piglet/Tigger/Rabbit/Owl/Christopher Robin/Sonic (From Sonic)/Himself/Narrator (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Jiminy Cricket - Mickey Mouse (old style only)/Tigger/Pooh/Brian Girffin (from Family Guy)/Dexter/Himself/A Bee
  • Geppetto - Owl/Himself/Rabbit/Christopher Robin/Narrator/Unlce Chuck (from Sonic)/Pooh/Piglet/Tigger/Gopher/Eeyore/Dexter/Hefflumps and Woozles
  • Stromboli - Sykes (from Oliver and Company)/Ratigan (from The Great Mouse Detective)/Alex (from Madagascar)/Himself/Pooh/Owl/Brian Griffin (from Family Guy)/Sideshow Bob (from The Simpsons)/Rabbit/Dr. Robotnik (from Sonic AOSTH)/Goofy (from Mickey Mouse)/Mr. Krabs (from Spongebob) (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Monstro the Whale - Giant Ursula (from The Little Mermaid)/Sharpteeth (from The Land Before Time)/himself/Johnny Cuba (from TUGS)/The Voice inside the cave (from The Little Engine That Could)/Pooh/Eeyore/Robot-Pooh/Hyper Metal Sonic (from Sonic)/Narrator (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • The Blue Fairy - Gyspy (from A Bug's Life)/Princess Aurora (from Sleeping Beauty)/Kanga/Christopher Robin/Vanilla (from Sonic X)/Herself/Alice (from Alice in Wonderland)/Cinderella/Snow White/Pooh/Piglet/Owl/Tigger (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Lampwick - Roscoe (from Oliver and Company)/Shere Khan (Jungle Cubs)/Tigger/Himself/Narrator
  • Lampwick the Donkey - King Louie (from The Jungle Book)/Crocodile (from Peter Pan)/Sunshine (from TUGS)/The Sprite Breakvan (from TTTE)/Himself/Pooh/Gopher/Rabbit/Eeyore/Knuckles (from Sonic Underground)/Roo/Narrator (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • The Wicked Coachman - Nasty John/Stan/Heff/Dr. Robotnik (from SATAM)/Himself/Narrator
  • Honest John - Stan/Mowgli from The Jungle Book/Amy Rose (from Sonic X)/Himself/Rabbit/Tigger
  • Gideon - Heff/Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland/Cream (from Sonic X)/Himself/Pooh/Piglet/Eeyore/Narrator/A Crow
  • and more

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