A parody of Winnie the Pooh with censors starring Vicky.


  • Jariel as Narrator (Jarator)
  • Vicky as Winnie the Pooh (do not edit it)
  • Tootie as Christopher Robin (Tootiepher Robin) (It works)
  • Timmy as Piglet (PigTwerp)
  • Cosmo as Tigger (Cosger)
  • Francis as Eeyore (Franyore)
  • Trixie as Kanga (Trixga)
  • Poof as Roo (Poo)
  • Wanda as Rabbit (Wandbit)
  • Jorgen as Owl (Jorgowl)
  • Anti Cosmo as Gopher (Antipher)
  • The Elephant (From Sesame Street) as Lumpy (Elepy)

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