Winston Payne
The First Turnabout
The Lost Turnabout
The First Turnabout
The Lost Turnabout
The prosecutor for this case. Lacks presence. Generally bad at getting his points across.
{{{type}}} Record
Record0 Guilty, 2 Not Guilty
Won vs. N/A
Lost vs. Phoenix Wright

Winston Payne is the first prosecutor that Phoenix Wright goes up against. While he comes off as generally weak and not too sturdy on the courtroom floor, rumor has it he used to be a vicious lawyer with a condescending attitude toward rookie defense attorneys. Rumor also has it that the reason he no longer acts that way is because of Mia Fey.


Winston Payne's name is a pun on the phrase "winced in pain". A nod to this is shown in The First Turnabout where, if you keep Larry Butz from responding to the question "What do you think of her now?", Payne will reply with "Oof! *wince*"

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