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In Memory

Smsunfl Ryan

Patient Information

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Diagnosed: 12/29/05

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Diagnosis: DSRCT


St. Luke's Hospital




  • First Line Treatment:
    • Cytoxan, Doxirubicin, Vincristine
    • Etoposide, Ifosomide
  • Second Line Treatment:
    • Cisplapin and Topotecan

Time Line

Date Test Treatment Chemicals Result
12/28/05 Surgery Ryan had an emergency colostomy due to a bowel obstruction. This obstruction was a result of an enormous amount of cancer cells blocking the passageway.
1/06 Chemotherapy

Cytoxan, Doxirubicin, Etoposide,


2/06 Same Same
3/06 Same Same
4/06 Same Cisplapin and Topotecan
5/06 Same


6/06 Same Same
7/20/06 Attempted debulking surgery Doctor cut away approx. 50 - 1/2 in. cells but was sorry to say that that was only 2% of what was there and had to stop the surgery after 2 1/2 hrs.
8/06 Ryan decides to end the chemo and continue to take methadone for pain. He begins working with the hospice people from here on.
9/06 0 0 0
10/06 0 0 0
11/06 0 0 0
12/06 0 0 Ryan's stomach continues to grow larger and larger as the cancer exumes his body.
1/07 0 0 0
2/07 0 0 0
3/07 0 0 0
4/6/07 0 0 Passed away.



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