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new slavery


Source: The Observer, 5 December 2004 “200 years on, the Queen is told to say sorry for Britain’s role in slave trade” by David Smith

Summary: Issues coming up around the bicentenary of the abolition of slave trade; 10-28 M Africans sent to the Americas between 1450 and the early 19th C; Britain’s dominant role in slave trade; >300,000 slaves/year; 1/10 died on transport;

DG: - ‘Rendezvous of Victory’ (global) = group seeking to continue the abolitionist movement to attack modern slavery and inequalities around the world - called for an official apology by the Queen - construction of a new African sense of identity - reforms (education, economic, cultural) - acknowledgement of Black anti-slavery campaigners

AR: - The Home Office has given £ 400,000 to projects/commemorations HO minister Fiona MacTaggart: “We must learn the lessons of the past” - MP (Liverpool) Louise Ellman: plans for a £10 M museum dedicated to British slave trade; pushing for an annual memorial day

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