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  • Wishbone as Thomas
  • Walter Kepler as Edward
  • Bob Pruitt as Henry (Henry's voice suits Bob Pruitt)
  • Mr. Natonabah as Gordon
  • Schemer (from Shining Time Station) as James
  • Joe Talbot as Percy
  • Grandpa Abe (from The Simpsons) as Toby
  • David Barnes as Duck
  • Mario & Luigi (from Mario) as Donald & Douglas
  • Lenny (from The Simpsons) as Oliver
  • Damont Jones as Diesel
  • Burke & Blair (From TUGS) as Bill & Ben
  • Homer (from The Simpsons) as BoCo
  • Amanda Hollins as Daisy
  • Wanda Gilmore as Mavis
  • Rocket (from Sonic The Hedgehog) as Stepney
  • Samantha Kepler as Emily
  • Sonic (from Sonic The Hedgehog) as Bertie
  • Sea Rogue (from TUGS) as Salty
  • Little Ditcher (from TUGS) as Harvey
  • Jasper & Horace (from 101 Dalmatians) as Arry & Bert
  • The Coast Guard (from TUGS) as Fergus
  • Thomas (from Thomas & Friends) as Skarloey
  • Percy (from Thomas & Friends) as Rheneas
  • Gordon (from Thomas & Friends) as Sir Handel
  • Henry (from Thomas & Friends) as Peter Sam
  • Toby (from Thomas & Friends) as Rusty
  • James (from Thomas & Friends) as Duncan
  • Edward (from Thomas & Friends) as Duke
  • Murdoch (from Thomas & Friends) as Bertram
  • Hiro (from Thomas & Friends) as Proteus
  • Duck (from Thomas & Friends) as Freddie
  • Donald & Douglas (from Thomas & Friends) as Mighty Mac
  • Arthur (from Arthur) as Arthur
  • Amy Rose (from Sonic The Hedgehog) as Lady
  • Mr. King as Diesel 10
  • Zip & Zug (from TUGS) as Splatter & Dodge
  • Captain Star (from TUGS) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Female Captain Star (from Salty's Lighthouse) as Lady Hatt
  • Bo (from Garfield & Friends) as Terence
  • Tails (from Sonic The Hedgehog) as Trevor
  • Toad (from Mario) as Toad
  • Sunshine (from TUGS) as Derek
  • Spencer (from Thomas & Friends) as Bulgy
  • Bunnie (from Sonic The Hedgehog) as Elizabeth
  • Curtis as George
  • Big Mac (from TUGS) as Murdoch
  • Hobart Hume (from Shining Time Station) as Spencer
  • Kara (from Shining Time Station) as Caroline
  • Big Mickey (from TUGS) as Cranky
  • Zorran (from TUGS) as Scruffey
  • Sir Topham Hatt (from Thomas & Friends) as Mr. Percival
  • Budgie (from Budgie The Little Helicopter) as Harold
  • Emily Barnes as Rosie
  • The Shrimpers (from TUGS) and The Robots (from Sonic The Hedgehog) as The Troublesome Trucks
  • Diesel (from Thomas & Friends) as Smudger
  • Johnny Cuba (from TUGS) as Bulstrode
  • Jay Jay (from Jay Jay The Jet Plane) as Jeremy
  • Ellen Talbot as Molly
  • Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Stanley
  • Patty & Selma (from The Simpsons) as Annie & Clarabel
  • Stan (from South Park) as Jack
  • Kenny (from South Park) as Alfie
  • Mr. Marsh (from South Park) as Nelson
  • Mr. McCormick (from South Park) as Oliver (Pack)
  • Scott Tenorman (from South Park) as Max
  • Satan (from South Park) as Monty
  • Mr. Garrison (from South Park) as Kelly
  • Mr. Broflovski (from South Park) as Byron
  • Chef (from South Park) as Ned
  • Wendy (from South Park) as Isobella
  • Cartman (from South Park) as Patrick
  • Kyle (from South Park) as Buster
  • Principal Victoria (from South Park) as Miss Jenny
  • Nathaniel Bobelesky as Whiff
  • Jack the Grappler (from TUGS) as Scruff
  • The Old Pig (from Garfield & Friends) as Dennis
  • Mighty Moe (from TUGS) as Rocky
  • Lanoline (from Garfield & Friends) as Henrietta
  • George (from Thomas & Friends) as The Spiteful Breakvan
  • Dorthy (from Theodore Tugboat) as Old Slow Coach
  • Scuttlebutt Pete (from TUGS) as Butch
  • The Fox (from Garfield & Friends) as Tiger Mouth
  • Orson's Brothers (from Garfield & Friends) as The Horrid Lorries
  • George (from Theodore Tugboat) as Thumper
  • Old Rusty (from TUGS) as Hiro
  • Digby (from Theodore Tugboat) as Victor
  • Shelburne (from Theodore Tugboat) as Kevin


Season 1

  • Wishbone & Mr. Natonabah/Wishbone Gets Tricked
  • Walter Kepler & Mr. Natonabah/Walter Kepler Helps Out
  • The Sad Story of Bob Puritt/Come Out, Bob Puritt
  • Walter Kepler, Mr. Natonabah & Bob Puritt/Bob Puritt To The The Rescue
  • Wishbone's Load/A Big Day For Wishbone
  • Wishbone & The Robots/Trouble For Wishbone
  • Wishbone & The Breakdown Crane/Wishbone Saves The Day (S1)
  • Schemer & The Trailers/Schemer Learns A Lesson
  • Troublesome Shrimpers/Foolish Shrimpers
  • Schemer & The Express/A Proud Day For Schemer
  • Wishbone & The Guard/Wishbone & The Conductor
  • Wishbone Goes Fishing
  • Wishbone, Bo & The Snow/Bo The Sheep
  • Wishbone & Sonic/Wishbone & Sonic's Great Race
  • Adults & Turntables
  • Trouble In The Room
  • Joe Talbot Runs Away
  • Water/Bob Puritt's Special Water
  • The Flying Kipper
  • Whistles & Sneezes
  • Grandpa Abe & The Stout Gentleman/Grandpa Abe The Old Man
  • Wishbone In Trouble/Wishbone Breaks The Rules
  • Dirty Objects/Schemer In A Mess
  • Off The Rails/Mr. Natonabah Takes A Dip
  • Down The Mine
  • Wishbone's Christmas Party

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