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This is ElmosWorld6Rule of the 1939 film.

Dorothy Gale-Dolly (Toy Story 3)

Professor Marvel-King Fish (Elmo's World)

Doorman-Duck (Word World)

Cabbie-Scrat (Scrat's Continental Crack Up)

Guard-Elmo (Sesame Street)

The Wizard (Bad)-Fatman (Sea Level)

The Wizard (Good)-Julius (Sea Level)

Hunk-Spock (Sea Level)

Scarecrow-Peck (Barnyard)

Zeke-Roj (Sea Level)

Cowardly Lion-Mr.Pricklepants(Toy Story 3)

Hickory-Pig (Barnyard)

Tin Man-Chuckles (Toy Story 3)

Glinda the Witch of the north-Zoe (Seasme Street)

Miss Almira Gulch-Robin (Elmo's world)

Tornado-Chernabog (Fantasia)

Wicked Wich of the west-Mrs.Tweety (Chicken Run)

Uncle Henry-Buttercup (Toy Story 3)

Aunt Emily-Babs (Chicken Run)

Toto-Pup (Sea Level)

Munchkins-Lobsters (Sea Level)

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