The Wizarding World according to Z.P. Smith is a secluded to non-wizards, in which wizards live and interact with one another. It is unnoticeable by non-wizards due to certain charms and spells. It is very rare that wizards leave their world unless they are interacting with non-wizards. At times they do leave their world they are forbidden to expose it to anyone.


The wizarding world is comprised of men, women,and children. Although there is no discrimination against male or female. For instance, a female wizard is simply called a wizard. The same applies for men and children. The world is centered around magic, and the ability to create spells using a wand, a vital tool for all wizards. Magic in the wizarding world is also in object's such as broomsticks, houses, and some creatures, magical and non magical. Spells can have any effect, depending on the skill of the wizard or the determination in the castor's heart. For example it is nearly impossible for a wizard to cast a spell if he does not believe in his or her self that it will work. Although not all spells are legal to use such as the killing curse and the rising of the dead. Conjuration's are not illegal but must be registered with the Commission of Magic after being created. Only well experienced and skilled wizards can create a full conjuration and use it to it's full potential. No wizard is allowed to create living things from conjurations other than plants. There is also a limit on the number of conjurations that a wizard can create.

Although the wizarding world is very different from that of the non-magical world. It has advanced very slowly technology the world is said to be in the 19th century. However for any wizard wishing to leave the magical world and live the life of a non-wizard person, at many magical schools there are classes for older students in their last year to learn exactly how to use non magical products such as common house hold appliances.


The wizarding world has no land but is along side that of ours. Certain locations are hidden from non-wizards and are unreachable. Such as Inceputa Square, a shopping district to find many magical supplies such as wands, school books, clothing, potions, and other magical related items that are legal to sell.

The school Zillions just like many other schools in the wizarding world are hidden locations. Many are on islands located in various regions. Zillions it's self is located on an island a far distance south of Florida. Although the the climate in this region is normally hot to the non magical world. The island is bewitched to go through a full cycle of every season. Snow in the winter and hot weather in the summer.


The schooling of a child wizard begins at age 11 and ends at age 18. No wizard is allowed a wand until they are enrolled into a magical school. Young wizards are not allowed to use magic outside of school until they reach 16 years of age. All children under the age of 11 go to an ordinary school until becoming of age to enter the magical school. Parents can choose to send their children to a magical underage school or a non magical underage school.

Zillions is located on an island south of Florida and is only attended by students on the eastern time zone. Other young wizards attend magical schools located within their time zones to lessen confusion of when the school year begins.

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