Wizzo the frog: series 1-Wizzo the frog's dream

One night, wizzo the frog was watching the flintstones on boomerang. He was watching the flintstones episode called hot lips hannigan. After the flintstones, It was time for bed. Wizzo the frog went upstairs to bed. He snuggled in bed and went to sleep. Suddenly, a shadow came. It was a wolf. “Who are you?” Asked wizzo. “I am the friendly wolf, the FW.” Said the wolf. “Hello, FW!” Said wizzo. “I am wizzo the frog. Where am I?” “You’re in Scotland.” Said the FW. “I’ve come from the swamp.” Said wizzo. “But someone or something took me somewhere. I didn’t know what country this was. But now I know that the country is Scotland.” “Aye, then I’ll take you for a ride.” Said the FW. Wizzo went on the FW’s back. The FW was running faster. “Oh this is fun.” Said wizzo. The FW ran faster, and faster, and faster. And then he stopped running. “Do you like me?” Said the FW. “Yes, FW!” Said wizzo. “Then come with me and I’ll take you somewhere.” Said the FW. “Where are you taking me?” Asked wizzo. “To town.” Said the FW. “That’s exciting!” Said wizzo. The FW took wizzo to town. The FW showed him the shops. Wizzo the frog went off the FW’s back and went to the chocolate shop. “Hello!” Said wizzo. “I am wizzo the frog. And I’ve come to buy the chocolates for the FW and myself.” The shop keeper wasn’t happy. “What are you doin’ here, You stupid frog?” Shouted the shop keeper. “Get out of my chocolate shop.” He threw wizzo out of the chocolate shop. The people saw that wizzo the frog was in town. “Let’s get out of here, Wizzo.” Said the FW. Wizzo the frog went back on the FW’s back. The FW ran faster, and faster, and faster. Suddenly, a lock ness monster appeared. The people saw the lock ness monster and ran away. “What have we here?” Said the lock ness monster. “A frog!” “Please don’t eat my friend.” Said the FW. But it was too late. The lock ness monster had eaten wizzo up. Wizzo slid down the lock ness monster’s tummy. Suddenly, wizzo woke up. “Why I’ve had a dream.” Said wizzo. “Thank goodness!”

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