Wizzo the frog: series 2-Wizzo the frog's irish cousin

Wizzo the frog was excited. He couldn’t wait to see his irish cousin today. Wizzo heard a knock. “Looks like my irish cousin has come to stay.” Said wizzo. Wizzo opened the door. “Hello, Wizzo!” Said his irish cousin named billy. “Well hello, billy!” Said wizzo. “Good to see you.” “It’s good to see you too.” Said billy. “Why thank you, billy!” Said wizzo. “Would you like to come with me to the London castle? I’m in love with princess Katie.” “Oh yes please, wizzo,” Said billy. Wizzo and Billy were going to the London castle. Princess Katie, The king and George & Jenny were washing the car. Just then wizzo and billy arrived. “Hello, wizzo,” Said princess Katie. “Who is your cousin?” “This is billy, Katie.” Said wizzo. “He’s come from northern Ireland.” “Hello, princess Katie! May I be in love with you.” “I’m sorry, billy,” Laughed Katie. “But I’m in love with wizzo. I’m going to marry him at the wedding.” Meanwhile, in town, lladron the thief was off to steal the mint chocolate from the chocolate shop. “The mint chocolate will be mine.” Said lladron. And then he snatched the mint chocolate. “Mrs. chocolate shopkeeper!” Cried mr. chocolate shopkeeper. “What’s the matter, mr. chocolate shopkeeper?” Asked mrs. chocolate shopkeeper. “Lladron the thief has stolen the mint chocolate. You’d better call the newspaper man and tell him to write words on the newspaper.” Said mr. chocolate shopkeeper. “Ok, I’ll do it.” Said mr. chocolate shopkeeper. Wizzo, Billy, princess Katie, The king and George & Jenny were watching the movie when they heard a knock. The king opened the door. The newspaper man gave the newspaper to the king “Wizzo and Billy, You’d better stop lladron the thief. He’s stolen the mint chocolate.” And they did. Wizzo and Billy took lladron to the police station. “Well done, you two frogs!” Said the policeman. “I’ll teach lladron a lesson.” Wizzo and Billy were the heros and princess Katie kissed wizzo.

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