Wizzo the frog: series 1-Wizzo the frog's story

Wizzo the frog had just come back from america on holyday. He had had 5 sleeps. He was going to the London castle. Princess Katie was happy. “Hello, Wizzo!” Said Katie. “And welcome back from America.” “Thank you, Katie!” Said wizzo. “Hey, guess what.” “What?” Asked Katie. “I’ve got a Disney lollipop from the Disney store. It’s got the beast from Disney’s beauty and the beast on it.” Said wizzo. “Ohhhh!” Said Katie. “I like beauty and the beast. It’s my favourite Disney movie.” Wizzo the frog ate the Disney lollipop. When he’d finished his Disney lollipop, he was about to tell Katie a story. “Now, Katie,” Said wizzo. “How would you like to choose the story of my beginning?” “Oh yes please, Wizzo,” Said Katie. So she listened to wizzo. Once upon a time, the baby frog was born. His mother and father called him wizzo. When he grew up, Wizzo and his father played catch. But soon, his mother and father died and wizzo was a sad little frog. As years passed, wizzo grew into an adult frog. He was going to the new swamp. He was watching the movie called The BFG on boomerang cinemas. One day, the bugler frog was about to steal the bottle of lemonade. And when The BFG ended, his bottle of lemonade was gone. “hmmm!” Said wizzo. “Someone must’ve taken my bottle of lemonade. I think I shall solve the mystery.” So he started. “For my first time,” Said wizzo the frog. “I will say “Wizzo the frog!”” So he began to say it. “Wizzo the frog! Wizzo the frog! Wizzo the frog!” The bugler frog heard him. Wizzo the frog went inside and went upstairs. “Ah ha!” Said wizzo. “So it was you who stole my bottle of lemonade.” Then he snatched the lemonade and ran home. Wizzo was a hero. Wizzo was a happy frog. “Thank you for telling me the story of your beginning, wizzo,” Said Katie. “Your welcome, Katie!” Said wizzo. Katie smiled and kissed wizzo.

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