Wizzo the frog: series 2-Wizzo the frog and lladron the thief's story

One day, when wizzo’s irish cousion had gone back to northern ireland, wizzo was going to the London castle. In the London castle, the king was reading a newspaper about lladron the thief who had kidnapped george and jenny. Just then wizzo arrived. “Wizzo,” Said the king, “There’s something terrible happening in the newspaper. Lladron the thief has kidnapped george and jenny.” “Don’t worry, your majesty,” Said wizzo. “I’ll save them. Katie, Lladron the thief has stolen george and jenny. Will you come with me?” “Of course I will, wizzo.” Said Katie. “You’re the best frog in the whole world.” In the pub, lladron smiles at george and jenny. “Now, Kids, Would you like to hear my story called the walrus and the carpenter?” Asked lladron. “Yes please,” Said george and jenny. “Then I’ll begin.” Said lladron. “Once upon a time, the men are not happy with sally. “I didn’t mean to steal your hats. I swear. I’m sorry.” Said sally. “Sorry?” Shouted the men. “We’ll give you a sorry, You’d come with us if it weren’t for you stealing our hats.” And they pushed sally into the rain. The next day, the rain had stopped. The two villains were the walrus and the carpenter. “We are going to get the oysters from the water.” Said the walrus. “That means we will have oysters with chips for lunch.” Said the carpenter. “That is right.” Said the walrus. The walrus went into the water. “Oysters, Come and walk with us. Today is the day, we are going to the restraint. The time has come,” The walrus said, “To talk about the other things. There are some ships, cabbages and kings. And while the sea is boiling hot, the pigs have rings so come with me to the place where there are cabbages and kings.” And then walrus ate the oysters up. And do you know what it means.” Said lladron. “What does it mean?” Asked george. “You will go in the pot.” Said lladron. “Not so fast, lladron, You will go the police station.” Said wizzo. Wizzo finally rescued george and jenny. The policeman took lladron to the police station. “Well done, wizzo and Katie. You rescued george and jenny from lladron.” Said the king. “Goodbye wizzo.” Said Katie. “See you tomorrow.” “Goodbye, Katie. Said wizzo. “See you tomorrow.” As he was out of London, wizzo was going to have a race tomorrow.

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