Wizzo the frog: series 1-Wizzo the frog and the date

Wizzo the frog was watching the futher adventures of superted on tv. He was watching the further adventures of superted episode called ruse of the raja. Tonight, he was going to have a date with princess Katie. So he got in the shower, got clean, got out of the shower, got his hat on and was ready to go to London. “Wizzo the frog! Wizzo the frog!” He said while he was jumping to London. There was a London castle. Katie was ready too. “Hello, Katie! Said wizzo. “Ready to go out on the date with me?” “Yes I am, Wizzo!” Said Katie. “Then let’s go.” Said wizzo. Wizzo and Katie were walking to the Italian restraint called delizioso pasta. They went inside. There was the Italian waitress. “Good evening, people!” Said the Italian waitress. “What would you like?” “I would like spaghetti bolognese.” Said princess Katie. “And I would like a swamp spaghetti.” Said wizzo. “A swamp spaghetti? Mama mia!” Said the Italian waitress. “I’ll have a spaghetti bolognese.” Said wizzo. “All right!” Said the Italian waitress. He shouted to the cook to cook the spaghetti bolognese for wizzo and Katie. The cook cooked the spaghetti bolognese. The cook gave the Italian waitress a spaghetti bolognese. The Italian waitress gave a spaghetti bolognese to wizzo and Katie. They ate it. “What a delicious spaghetti bolognese!” Said wizzo. “It’s a great date, Wizzo.” Said Katie. “It is!” Said wizzo. After spaghetti bolognese, They were going to have a desert. They chose an apple pie. The Italian waitress gave an apple pie to wizzo and Katie. They ate it. “I like apple pies.” Said Katie. “Me too!” Said wizzo. After a date, it was time to go home. “Good bye, Wizzo!” Said Katie. “See you soon.” “Good bye, Katie.” Said wizzo. “See you soon.” Wizzo was going back to the swamp. He was a happy frog. We go to the Italian restraint. Wizzo and Katie are having a wedding soon. I think they will, Don’t you?

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