Wizzo the frog: series 2-Wizzo the frog and the kidnapper

One morning, wizzo the frog was having egg on toast for breakfast when the phone rang. “Hello,” Said wizzo the frog. “Wizzo the frog here,” “Wizzo, It’s princess Katie. And the French man kidnapped us.” Said princess Katie. “Oh what a horrible man! Don’t worry, princess Katie, I’ll save all of you from him.” Said wizzo the frog. “Oh thank you, wizzo!” Said princess Katie. Wizzo get ready to go to London to rescue princess Katie and the others. Meanwhile, in the café, the French man called gaston was watching the French food on tv. “Wizzo will save us.” Said the king. “Wizzo will save us?” Questioned gaston. “Sacre bleu, No! I don’t think they’ll save all of you.” “Why you nasty man! Let’s fight boy to man.” Said george. “George, No!” Said jenny. “You’ll wait till wizzo comes.” Said Katie. “Oh no he won’t,” Said gaston. But just then wizzo arrived. “Release princess Katie and her family at once.” Said wizzo “You will never save them,” Said gaston. “I will throw you in the cage.” So gaston picked up wizzo the frog and threw him in the cage. “Oh wizzo,” Said Katie. “We’ll never get out.” “Don’t worry, Katie,” Said wizzo. “I’ve got a plan. The plan is let’s brake free. On the count to 3, 1 2 3.” Wizzo and his friends broke free. “Come on, everyone.” Said wizzo. “We have to stop the kidnapper before it’s too late.” Meanwhile, in the French restraint, the French gentleman called monsieur Johnson was welcoming the familys. But just then gaston kidnapped monsieur Johnson. “What are you doing, monsieur? Let go of me.” He cried. “No, I will not let go of you.” Said gaston. But just then wizzo and his friends arrived. “Let go of the French gentleman.” Said wizzo. “You won’t be getting away with him.” Said the king. “Yes!” Said wizzo. “Go on, you majesty.” The policeman took gaston to the police station. “Thank you for saving my life, wizzo!” Said monsieur Johnson. “You’re welcome, monsieur.” Said wizzo. “I’m going to kiss you, wizzo.” Said Katie. And she did. “Thank you, Katie.” Said wizzo. “Good bye, wizzo!” Said Katie. “See you tomorrow.” “Good bye, Katie!” Said wizzo happily. “See you tomorrow.”

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