Wizzo the frog: series 1-Wizzo the frog and the paddington bear museum

Wizzo the frog was going to the paddington bear museum with Katie, George and Jenny. “Look at all the Paddington things.” Said wizzo. “Wow!” Said jenny. “George likes Paddington bear, Don’t you, George?” “Yes I do!” “Ah really?” Said wizzo. “That’s good, Well you two look at the Paddington things and princess Katie and I will go to the cafe.” And they set off. George and jenny were having fun. “Ohhh look at the Paddington videos.” Said george. “They’re very good.” Said jenny. But one day, someone came and something happened. When someone had come, George and jenny were gone. Wizzo and Katie came here. “It’s george and Katie. They’re gone.” Cried princess Katie. “Don’t worry, Katie, I’ll solve the mystery.” So he did. He jumped up and down up and down up and down. “This is a mystery!” Said wizzo. “Someone has kidnapped george and jenny.” So he went to look in the pub. “Help!” Cried the voices. “George, Jenny, I’m coming.” Cried wizzo. “Who are you kidnapped by?” “The witch.” Said george and jenny. “The witch?” “Yes! The witch.” Said george and jenny. “Oh well don’t you worry, children, I’ll get you out of here in no time.” Said wizzo. Soon, george and jenny were free at last. Suddenly, the witch came. “You’ll never escape this time.” Said the witch. “Yes we will!” Said wizzo. “I’ll get you for this if it’s the last thing I do.” Said the witch. And she chased after them. But then, the policeman came. “You’re under a rest, You nasty witch. Said the policeman grabbing the witch’s arm. “Now let’s see who disguised as the witch.” Said wizzo. “Lladron the thief!” “And I kidnapped the two kids to the pub.” Said lladron. Wizzo took george and jenny back to the London castle. “Well done, wizzo!” Said Katie. “You rescued them.” “It was lladron the thief who disguised as the witch.” Said Wizzo. “Good bye, wizzo!” Said princess Katie. “See you tomorrow.” “I won’t see you tomorrow, Katie,” Said wizzo. “I’m going to America on holiday tomorrow.” As he was out of London, he was excited that he couldn’t wait to go to America on holiday tomorrow.

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