Wizzo the frog: series 1-Wizzo the frog and the sheriff

Wizzo the frog was watching superted on tv. He was watching a superted episode called texas is mine. When he finished watching superted, he was going to the London castle. Princess Katie was reading a book about cowgirls. “Hello, Wizzo!” Said Katie “I’m reading the book about cowgirls” “Are you, Katie?” Said wizzo. “Yes!” Said Katie. Suddenly, they heard a knock at the door. The king opened the door. It was the sheriff. The sheriff went upstairs. “Howdy, Partner!” Said the sheriff. “What’s your name?” “My name is wizzo the frog.” Said wizzo. The sheriff took him out. “I’ve come from the swamp.” Said wizzo. “I’ve come from America.” Said the sheriff. Wizzo and the sheriff walked. The nasty cowboys wanted to get rid of the sheriff. Eric, their leader, led the song. “WE’LL GET RID OF THE SHERIFF. HA HA HA HA HA HA WE’LL KILL HIM AND HAVE A CELBRATION. LET’S GET TOGETHER.” The sheriff was cross. “You will not get rid of me.” Said the sheriff. “Don’t get rid of the sheriff.” Said wizzo. The cowboys chased after them. Wizzo and his friend, the sheriff, ran faster, and faster, and faster. Eric was very cross. Suddenly, he saw a beautiful girl with the old frog. “Will you marry me?” Said eric. “Of course I will.” Said the girl. “I am 18 years old.” “And I am 80 years old.” Said the old frog. But it wasn’t the girl and the old frog. It was the sheriff and wizzo in disguises. “Come on, Boys.” Said Eric. “Let’s get ‘em.” The cowboys chased after wizzo and the sheriff again. But just then, the policeman appeared. He arrested the nasty cowboys. “Good bye, Sheriff!” Said wizzo. “Good bye, Wizzo!” Said the sheriff. Back at the London castle, wizzo told the king about the nasty cowboys. “Oh!” Said the king. “Well done, wizzo!” Princess Katie kissed wizzo. “Good bye, Wizzo!” Said Katie. “See you soon.” “Good bye, Katie!” Said wizzo. “See you soon.”

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