Wizzo the frog: series 1-Wizzo the frog and the thief

Wizzo the frog could not wait to see princess katie and her father again. He came out of the swamp and he was going back to London. There was a London castle where he had been to. He went inside. “Hello, Wizzo!” Said Katie. “It’s good to see you again.” “It’s good to see you again too, Katie.” Said wizzo. “Welcome back, Wizzo!” Said the king. “Thank you, Your majesty!” Said wizzo. “I have missed you.” One day, a villain named lladron had come from south wales. He wanted to steal the gold from the treasure museum. Katie gave wizzo a chocolate crepe. “You’re beautiful, Katie.” Said wizzo. “Thank you, Wizzo!” Said Katie. “Will you marry me, Wizzo?” Asked Katie. “Of course I will, Katie. Said wizzo. But when he heard a knock at the door, he said, “Open the door, Your majesty. The king opened the door and there was a newspaper man. The newspaper man gave the king a newspaper. “Lladron is stealing gold from the treasure museum?” Said the king. “Wizzo! Stop Lladron.” “Yes, Your majesty!” Said wizzo. Wizzo went out of the London castle and set off to stop Lladron. “Gold!” Said lladron. “What a beautiful gold! The gold is mine. Now I’m going to steal more gold.” Lladron liked the gold. But just then, wizzo came to him. “Take the gold back to the treasure museum, Lladron.” Said wizzo. “No I will not!” Said Lladron. “The gold is mine now and I’m going to steal more gold.” But wizzo would not let him so he took him to the police station. “Hello!” Said the policeman. “What have you got there?” “Lladron the thief.” Said wizzo. “Lladron the thief?” Said the policeman. “What a nasty villain! Lladron! You’d better go in the dungeon before you go back to south wales tomorrow.” Wizzo the frog went back to the London castle. “Did you catch a villain?” Said princess Katie. “Yes I have!” Said wizzo. “Good bye, Katie! See you soon.” “Good bye, wizzo!” Said Katie. “See you soon.” Then Katie kissed wizzo. As he was out of London, wizzo was going back to the swamp to have fish fingers and chips for tea.

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