Wizzo the frog: series 2-Wizzo the frog in wonderland part 1

Wizzo the frog was going to the london castle. Princess Katie was pleased to see wizzo the frog. “Happy new year, Katie!” Said wizzo. “Happy new year to you, wizzo!” Said Katie. “Why thank you, Katie!” Said wizzo. Katie gave wizzo a lolliepop. Wizzo ate the lolliepop. And then he went to sleep. Suddenly, the white rabbit came. “Now see here, mr white rabbit,” Said wizzo. “Where have you come from?” “Now time to explain because I’m late.” Said the white rabbit getting out of the London castle. “Well,” Said wizzo. “Perhaps he’s going to the party. I’ll solve the mystery.” Wizzo searched for the white rabbit. He searched for the white rabbit in the sweet shop. “Do you know where the white rabbit is?” Asked wizzo. “I will not tell you where the white rabbit is.” Said the sweet shopkeeper. “There’s no need to get angry, my good man.” Said wizzo. But the sweet shopkeeper threw wizzo out of the sweet shop and wizzo flew into the dust bin. But it wasn’t a dust bin. It was like a chocolate factory. He fell very slowly. “What a delicious place!” Wizzo the frog said. Then he saw the white rabbit again. He chased after the white rabbit. He chased the white rabbit faster, and faster, and faster. They went out of the chocolate factory. Wizzo the frog still chased after the white rabbit. “What’s this?” Said the police bird. “Oh it’s the naughty frog.” “I can assure you, sir!” Said wizzo. “I am wizzo the frog and I’ve come from the swamp.” “A swamp?” Questioned the police bird. “A frog from the swamp?” The police bird ran away from wizzo. “I am not nasty, I’m nice. Said wizzo. Wizzo looked for the white rabbit. This was wonderland. He saw a house. “I wonder who lives there.” Said wizzo. Just then the white rabbit came. “I’m late!” Said the white rabbit. Wizzo chased after the white rabbit again. But in the dark woods, It was a scary place. He looked for the white rabbit. He was so scared that the bird flew. Can wizzo the frog stop the white rabbit? Or Can wizzo the frog turn into the human? Find out in part 2 of Wizzo the frog in wonderland.

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