Wizzo the frog: series 2-Wizzo the frog in wonderland part 2

In part 1, wizzo the frog chased after the white rabbit. The sweet shopkeeper was throwing wizzo to the dust bin. But it wasn’t a dust bin, It was a chocolate factory. Wizzo went to the police bird and then went in the dark woods. Now let’s see what happens. Suddenly, a shadow came. “Who’s that?” Said wizzo. It was the mad hatter. “Well what is your name?” Asked the mad hatter. “I’m wizzo the frog. It’s 2009.” Said wizzo the frog. “Pleased to meet you, wizzo.” Said the mad hatter. “I’ve never heard of 2009 before. Would you like to come to the tea party?” “Oh yes please, mad hatter.” Said wizzo. The mad hatter took wizzo to the tea party. On the table, there were some cakes, milkshakes, sausage rolls and all sorts. “Pick anything you want, wizzo.” Said the kind mad hatter. Wizzo picked the sausage rolls. “The sausage rolls are delicious!” Said wizzo. “So my friend, who are you in love with?” Asked the mad hatter. “Princess Katie.” Said wizzo. “And I am going to marry her at the wedding.” “Princess Katie!” Said the mad hatter. “What a beautiful princess! May I come to your wedding?” “Yes,” Said wizzo the frog, “Of course you can.” “Why thank you!” Said the mad hatter. “And where are you from?” “I’m from the swamp.” Said wizzo. “A swamp!” Said the mad hatter. “What a good place!” Wizzo left the party and went back to the chocolate factory when he had fallen down. But suddenly, a magic door opened. Wizzo the frog saw the queen of hearts’ castle. Wizzo went to the castle and saw the servent painting the roses red. Suddenly, the queen of hearts came. “Guards!” Shouted the queen of hearts. “Off with the frog’s head. Wizzo ran as fast as he could. But then the guards chopped wizzo’s head. Suddenly, wizzo woke up. “Katie, I’ve had a dream.” Said wizzo. “What did you dream about?” Asked Katie. “I dreamed about wonderland. Well I’d better go back to the swamp now, See you tomorrow.”

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