Wizzo the frog: series 1-Wizzo the frog part 1

Down to the swamp lived a frog named wizzo. Wizzo was watching dangermouse on boomerang when he heard a knock. It was the newspaper frog! “Hello, Mr. Wizzo!” Said the newspaper frog. “A newspaper for you.” “Thank you, Newspaper frog!” Said Wizzo. “What Dangermouse episode are you watching?” Asked The newspaper frog. “Die laughing.” Said Wizzo. And when the newspaper frog had gone, wizzo read a newspaper about the nasty toads who wanted to steal the food from london. “I must tell the princess at once. Said Wizzo. Down to the swamp castle lived the evil toad named king bill. “Do you have a diamond?” Said king bill. ”I ain’t got nothing,” Said the toad named joe. “But now that you’ve asked me, I do have a diamond,” “Good!” Said king bill. "Because today, I will have all the food.” In the london castle lived a princess called Katie. She was 17 years old. She lived with her father, the king. “Katie!” Said the king. “The toads want our food.” Katie was sad. “If I don’t eat the food, “I’ll be hungry.” Said Katie. “Don’t worry.” Said wizzo, coming in her room. “I’ll get your food back,” “You will?” Said Katie happily. “Who are you?” Asked the king. “I’m wizzo the frog.” Said wizzo. “And I’ve come from the swamp. Katie! Why don’t I tell you about myself?” Katie and her father followed wizzo to the theatre. Everyone came to the theatre. And the theatre was about to start. “Ladies and gentilmen, I am wizzo the frog” Said wizzo. And I say “Wizzo the frog!”” And he began to say it. “Wizzo the frog! Wizzo the frog! Wizzo the frog! Wizzo the frog!” “Do you say “Wizzo the frog!” wizzo?” Asked Katie. “Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Laughed wizzo. “Yes, My dear!” Said wizzo. “I say “Wizzo The frog!”” Meanwhile, the two toads named John and Henry were off to steal the food. “Is that London?” Asked henry. “Of course it’s London.” Said john. Henry and John were stealing all the food. “We’ve done it, John. Said henry. “Let’s have strawberrys and cream with sugar.” Good idea, Henry! Said john. Katie saw that the food was gone. “Wizzo!” Shouted Katie. “Go rescue all our food.” “Yes, Katie! Of course.” Said wizzo. And he set off. Back at the swamp castle, king bill saw all the food. “Well done, Henry and John!” Said king bill. Henry and John had strawberrys and cream with sugar. Can wizzo the frog save all the people's food? or Can John and Henry kill wizzo the frog? Find out in part 2 of wizzo the frog.

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