Wizzo the frog: series 1-Wizzo the frog part 2

In the woods, wizzo the frog jumped to the swamp castle when the fox came. “Who are you?” Asked wizzo the frog. “I’m Thomas.” Said the fox. “And you must be…” “Wizzo the frog.” Said wizzo. “And I’ve come to rescue their food because they have all of them.” “Oh!” Said Thomas. “If they don’t eat the food, they’ll be hungry, won’t they?” “That’s right!” Said wizzo. So the two friends set off to rescue their food. King bill was having a banana cake while he was watching count duckula on boomerang. But just then, wizzo and Thomas arrived. “What count duckula episode are you watching?” Asked wizzo the frog. “Ghostly gold.” Said King bill. “That’s good!” Said wizzo. “You need to give the people’s food back.” “No!” Said king bill. “Let’s fight frog to toad.” Said wizzo. Wizzo and King bill were fighting frog to toad. Wizzo kicked king bill. Wizzo and Thomas stole all the food and then ran away. But king bill didn’t want to give up all the food. “Joe!” Shouted king bill. “Get them and I want all the food back.” But Wizzo and Thomas would not let king bill have all the food. Everyone saw all the food. They were excited. “Well done, wizzo!” Said princess Katie. “We are proud of you, Wizzo.” Said the king. “Thank you!” Said wizzo happily. But king bill and the 3 other toads arrived. “Guards!” Shouted the king. “Take them away.” The guards took the 4 toads to the big dark dungeon. Princess Katie and her father were very happy. “Will you stay forever?” Asked the king. “Thank you for asking me to stay forever, Your majesty!” Said wizzo. “But I must go back to the swamp now.” “Will you be back very soon?” Said Katie. “I’ll be back very soon.” Said wizzo. As he was out of London, wizzo the frog went back to the swamp. “I’ll never forget princess Katie and her father, the king.” Said wizzo the frog happily.

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