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Pedagogical issues:

Issues in education -- is this an effective way to learn -- my experience is students cite it but dont contribute, eperiencde in mary's classes

Issues in education institutions -- assessment -- media wiki is software based on GNU Free Docuemntaiton License which haa a culture of "authorship data is irrelevant and sometimes even detrimental to the creatoin of truly communal repositories of knowledge" (HBB, p. 5)

conflict with assessment of student contribution conflict with credit economy of faculty culture

other online social software systems such as blogs and forums still maintain authorship modes so that reputation of an author can be assessed

Discipline specific issues: the role of corporate and group authorship that is a norm in some fields, especially the sciences, and some social sciences, e.g. psychology

the conflict with the notion of a course as a graduated series of events that build on top of one another -- how does a disruptive technology such as a wiki fit into the

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