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Known Issues;

  • tables will generate plural subjects, but cannot match verbs (yet).
  • word order issues with numbers and adjectives in same headline.

to retrieve IPT file for IPAD push the edit for the section below. Copy-paste contents into notepad file and save as an ipt.


Table: News [@Resident] Expresses Pride in [@Leader]. 5: [@Animal] Rescued by [@Hero]. 2:[@Villain] Convicted of [@Crime]. 3:[@Leader] Commends [@Hero]. 4:[@Leader] Honored at [@CAdjective] Event. 5:[@Hero] Stops [@Danger] Saving [@Resident]. [@Hero] Apprehends [@Villain]. 6: Police Apprehend Suspect in [@Crime] 7:[@Leader] Commends [@Leader]. [@Resident] [@Pain] [@EAdjective] [@Danger]. 4: Police Seek [@Villain] in Connection with [@Crime]. 8: Police Looking for [@Resident] After [@Danger]. 6: [@Resident] Found Dead After [@Crime] [@Location]. 12: [@Scandal]. 10:[@Resident] [@Pain] [@Danger]. 10:[@Danger] leaves [@Resident] [@BPain]. 5: [@Resident] Caught on Tape at [@Crime]. 7: [@Resident] Protests New Policy. 5: [@Leader] Proposes New Policy. 2: [@Resident] Wins Lottery. 10: Police Left With No Suspects after [@Crime]. 5: [@Resident] Commits Suicide. 3: Rise in [@Crime]s Lead Police to Worry about Brewing Gang War. Police Say; Latest Gang War has Ended. 10: [@DBuilding] [@BDamage] [@BDisaster]. 10: [@DBuilding] [@BDamage] [@BDisaster], Incident Leaves [@Resident] [@BPain]. [@PAdjective] [@Sport] Star leaves Town. [@Sport] Star Visits creating much Fanfare.

Table: Resident 100: [@PAdjective] Man 100: [@PAdjective] Woman 90: [@Worker] Worker 50: [@Hero] 20: Child 15: {2d10} 10: [@Leader] 10: [@Villain] 10: [@CAdjective] Activist 5: {2d10} [@CAdjective] Children 2: At Least {10d10} At Least {10d10*10} [@CAdjective] Philanthropist [@PAdjective] Investor [@PAdjective] Entrepreneur [@PAdjective] Historian [@PAdjective] Doctor [@PAdjective] Mogul [@PAdjective] Teacher [@PAdjective] Student [@PAdjective] Professional Tourist [@PAdjective] Musician Band [@PAdjective] Performer

Table: Villain 15: [@VAdjective] Gang Member 20: [@VAdjective] Criminal 10: [@VAdjective] Mobster 13: [@VAdjective] Gangster 7: [@VAdjective] Murderer 10: Robber 7: Home Invader 2: [@VAdjective] Vigilante 10: [@Resident] [@VAdjective] Mob Boss 4: [@VAdjective] Gang Leader

Table: Leader 5: [@Official] [@Community]

Table: Official Mayor 10: Councilman Chief of Police 5: State Representative 7: [@CAdjective] Commissioner 10: Administrator 10: [@CAdjective] CEO 5: [@CAdjective] CFO [@PAdjective] Politician Union Leader [@Hero]

Table: Community 5: [@CAdjective] Reverend 2: [@CAdjective] Priest [@CAdjective] Activist [@CAdjective] Leader [@CAdjective] [@Sport] Star [@Resident]

Table: Hero 10: Police Officer 5: {2d6} [@CAdjective] Police Officers 5: [@CAdjective] Fire Fighter 5: [@CAdjective] Detective 4: [@Resident] 3: {4d6} [@CAdjective] Rescue Workers 2: Soldier 2: {5d6} [@CAdjective] Fire Fighters [@Leader] [@CAdjective] EMT [@CAdjective] Animal Control Officer

Table: Animal 5: Dog(/puppy) 5: Cat(/kitten) Ferret Lizard

Table: WAnimal [@AAdjective] [@Animal] [@AAdjective] Dog [@AAdjective] Bear [@AAdjective] Lizard [@AAdjective] Snake [@AAdjective] Raccoon

Table: AAdjective 5: Wild Large Rabid Giant Crazed

Table: Danger 10: [@Crime] 8: [@Disaster] [@EAdjective] Event

Table: Pain 15: Injured after 10: in Serious Condition after 5: in Critical Condition after 5: Dead after 2: in Intensive Care after Maimed after Escapes Unharmed from

Table: Disaster 15: Wreck 15: Fire 10: Storm 7: Electrical Accident 3: [@Collision] Explosion [@Indoor] 2: Attack by [@WAnimal] [@EAdjective] Computer Malfunction 5: [@Worker] Equipment Malfunction 10: Drug Deal went Bad Riot

Table: Crime 2: Hit and Run [@Outdoor] 5: Robbery 5: Assault [@Location] Attempted Murder [@Location] Murder [@Location] Murder-for-Hire Shootout [@Location] 3: Carjacking 10: Shooting [@Location] Kidnapping [@Location] 5: Stabbing [@Location] 2: Beating [@Location] 3: Drug Deal 5: Drive By Shooting Rape

Table: Violence 10: Shooting [@Location] 5: Stabbing [@Location] 2: Beat [@Location] Pistol Whip [@Location]

Table: Worker 10: Local 5: Factory Construction Office Street Crew Maintenance Utility Telephone Electrical Rescue

Table: Collision 2: being Struck by Out of Control [@Vehicle] [@Outdoor] a [@Vehicle] they were in went Out of Control

Table: Vehicle 50: Vehicle 35: Car 20: SUV 10: Truck 5: Bus Van

Table: Location [@Indoor] [@Outdoor] 4:

Table: Indoor 10: at [@CAdjective] Building at [@LAdjective] High School at [@LAdjective] Middle School at [@LAdjective] Grade School at [@LAdjective] College in [@LAdjective] Office in [@LAdjective] Factory at [@LAdjective] Business in [@LAdjective] Home at [@LAdjective] Apartment at [@LAdjective] Store at [@LAdjective] Convenience Store at [@LAdjective] Church at [@LAdjective] Hospital at [@LAdjective] Asylum at [@LAdjective] Gas Station at [@LAdjective] Church on the Subway

Table: Outdoor 10: at [@LAdjective] Park on [@LAdjective] Bridge in [@LAdjective] Street in [@LAdjective] Alley at [@LAdjective] Playground at [@LAdjective] Pool at [@LAdjective] Ferry at [@LAdjective] Monument at [@LAdjective] Airport at [@LAdjective] River at [@LAdjective] Beach at [@LAdjective] Shore

Table: DBuilding [@CAdjective] Building [@LAdjective] High School [@LAdjective] Middle School [@LAdjective] Grade School [@LAdjective] College [@LAdjective] Office [@LAdjective] Factory [@LAdjective] Business [@LAdjective] Home [@LAdjective] Apartment [@LAdjective] Store [@LAdjective] Convenience Store [@LAdjective] Church [@LAdjective] Hospital [@LAdjective] Asylum [@LAdjective] Gas Station [@LAdjective] Church Subway [@LAdjective] Bridge [@LAdjective] Street [@LAdjective] Playground [@LAdjective] Pool [@LAdjective] Ferry [@LAdjective] Monument [@LAdjective] Airport

Table: BDisaster 15: Fire 10: Storm 7: Electrical Accident 15: being Struck By [@Vehicle] 3: Explosion 5: [@Worker] Equipment Malfunction Structural Components Gave [@EAdjective] Event

Table: BDamage Closed by Damaged by Requires Significant Repair after Gutted by Requires Demolition after Abandoned after Destroyed by

Table: BPain 15: Injured 10: in Serious Condition 5: in Critical Condition 5: Dead 2: in Intensive Care Maimed

Table: Trouble Investigated for Indicted for Questioned Regarding Resigns because of accusations of Caught on Tape

Table: Scandal [@Leader] [@Trouble] Soliciting a Minor [@Leader] [@Trouble] Performing a Lewd Act [@Leader] [@Trouble] engaging in Sexual Harassment [@Leader] [@Trouble] engaging in Inappropriate Sexual Conduct [@Leader] [@Trouble] Using Drugs [@Official] [@Trouble] Accepting Bribes [@Official] [@Trouble] engaging in Corruption [@Leader] [@Trouble] engaging in Malfeasance [@Community] [@Trouble] connection with [@Crime]

Table: PAdjective 15: [@CAdjective] Homeless Black Hispanic Asian Mentally Handicapped Handicapped Elderly Disabled Known Well Known Notorious Popular Eccentric Large Small

Table: VAdjective PAdjective 20: [@CAdjective] 10: Known 5: Well Known 30: Small Time 2: Notorious 10: Wanted Black Hispanic Asian

Table: LAdjective 25: [@CAdjective] Large Small Historic Old Abandoned New Fashionable a Popular Hang-Out, a [@CAdjective]

Table: CAdjective 5: 5: Local 2: Area Neighborhood Community

Table: EAdjective Mysterious Strange Suspicious Unusual Unprecedented Freak Bizarre

Table: Sport 20: Football 20: Baseball 20: Movie 15: Basketball 10: Soccer 10: Hockey 7: Golf 5: Skating Rugby Cricket Chess

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