Nachi is one of the 100 orphans that were brought into the Graude Foundation to fulfill a project -- to be trained into becoming future Saints for the goddess Athena. Only 10 of the children survived the entire process, and they grew up to become Bronze Saints. In the Twelve Temples plot arc, Nachi loses the tournament and decides to return to Liberia to continue his training, but returns with the other four Bronze saints to rescue Tatsumi and the comatose Athena. They stay with them until Gold Saint Gemini Saga, the false Pope of Sanctuary, is defeated. In the Hades arc, Nachi and Ichi are appointed commanders over the Sanctuary guards. As the dead Silver Saints start appearing and they realize their attacks are useless, they are saved by Jabu. Later Nachi risks his life to protect Seika from
Lupus Cloth

Lupus Cloth


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